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Title: Deadly forest 

The forests surrounding Almia, Quiet, peaceful, filled with life and Pokemon alike. But like the rest of the region areas around crucial key points were getting fortification and areas around towns and ESPECIALLY the capital city was no different. Everything from trip wires that cause logs to come out and smash you, barbed mace like objects coming out with spikes to bludgeon and impale you, pit traps that were coated with the toxic of pokemon constantly and covered with leaves and foliage. Areas around the empire had soldiers crawling all over the place setting up traps with this being said and done the forest was not nearly as safe as it once was unless someone was to get rid of the forest via burning it down the traps would pose a threat until disarmed.

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Title: Gates of flame

The Town of Puel to be honest never saw much activity, but in the time of war. Soldiers roamed every street corner there pokemon companions along with them. The streets saw tons of materials rushing into the city with large carts being pulled by pokemon such as Tauros carrying building materials such as stone, the large supply of gold they had at their disposal, among many other things. Along the two shores lay the groundwork and soon to be large statues of dragons on each side with in the end stages seeing a metal net in the mouth of the dragon of the imported metals that they could spare since they did not have enough to really use for much else. Regardless of this in the middle of it large stones were being dropped into the sea. Beginning to form a artificial pedestal for what would be a statue of the emperor himself. The gears are turning, and time is running short as the people of the empire quickly rush to get their defenses up as the navy was slowly coming together, warriors trained, training drums going off as the day of conflict would soon be upon them.

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/// +Emperor Meztli the First is this what you meant?// 

Title: Trouble on the home front 

With the looming war that would most certainly see the attack on Almia three things were certain. A army would need to be brought up as many able bodied men as they could muster, ships would need to be built, walls needed to rise, the city needed to be ready by the time the looming war came to their doorstep. With orders from the emperor himself Yaotl made haste to the region.
Rather the war was long or short it would come at the casualties of many good Azlatan men...something Yaotl was always reminded of when conflict arose. The true calling of a warrior and to spill his blood if it meant protecting his home was the best cause he could ever put himself towards. Upon arriving and coming off the boat standing at around six foot two the bronze skinned warrior, dressed in a tan pair of trousers, a white loincloth, multiple golden arm bracers and pendants, with his large head dress shaped like the skull of a braviary with multiple feathers forming from it he ran through the city. All three of his party members following behind, his Milotic and Kingdra swimming through the canals and his Bisharp gracefully hopping from the top of building to building. Making his way to the house where the representatives would be. Each unaware of the looming war lest soldiers would be crawling all over the streets as opposed to one here and there. Upon arrival with his companions awaiting outside he walked in and said
" We are going to have to skip the pleasantries a threat looms over the empire and we need to act now Was what started the conversation as Yaotl took a seat upon the representatives. Idea's being thrown left and right. However the first order of business a fully functional naval fleet and to fortify the harbor first. At the same time soldiers needed to start rallying, weapons needed to be made. With that being said the conversation broke up with the first plan to be fortification of the harbor and a little idea Yaotl had managed to cook up as to what would be done to the harbor as far as "walls" wen't. With this being said builders were quickly being hired to chop down wood to create ships, build up the harbor, create weapons, obsidian was being mined from the nearby volcano for weapons, the once somewhat dormant schools of the military as it was a time of piece roared with life. The amount of warriors being pumped out going into a furious spike in numbers. Workers already begging to at least from what it seems to be from a outsiders point of view construct a statue of the emporor himself between the northern and southern part of the port what this would serve as far as purpose goes? only time will tell what the Azlatan empire has planned.

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(( ))

The quiet Haruba Village was to be quiet no longer. Unwitting citizens went about their simplistic daily lives, as the sun clambered higher into the sky. The Haruba Desert was eerily calm today, but the inhabitants of the landmass thought nothing of it.
That was when the armada arrived. Dozens of tiny shapes appeared on the southwest horizon. As they advaced, onlookers began to identify them as small ships. At the forefront of the charge was a decorated military commander, paddling his canoe furiously. The man, who went by Coyotl, was closely accompanied by Emperor Meztli himself. Aztlán's fleet remained silent as they drew closer, leaving the Harubans to look on in confusion and wonder.
Coyotl reached the shore and leapt out of his canoe. He ripped the paddle end off of his oar to reveal a sharply pointed spear tip. However, a clasping hand on his shoulder stopped him. Meztli spoke.

"No need to incite violence early. Save it for the resistors. These people need a leader, not a murderer."

Coyotl stepped to the side, keeping the spear tightly clenched in his hand. At a moment's notice, he had to be ready to slaughter dozens of attackers for his Emperor. Meztli calmly walked further inland.

"Greetings, strangers! It is I, Emperor Meztli the First of a nearby land. Do you have a leader I can speak to?"

The Harubans stared blankly at Meztli, not understanding his jibberish. They glanced back and forth at each other and murmured.

"Oh, right. Foreign land. Can I get a translator up here?"

A young woman stepped out from her canoe and hurried over. She was the merchant from Almia, whom Meztli had personally greeted at her arrival. The girl offered to translate for him.

"Yeah, that should do. Thanks. Can you ask them if they have a leader I can speak to?"

The woman opened her mouth, hesitating for a second as she translated the words in her mind. She then spoke to the Harubans and translated their reply.

"What? Their leader lives on a different land, you say? One to the northwest of here? This little village is hardly governed, then... Perfect."

Meztli cleared his throat and called out to the townspeople.

"From here on out, you are my subjects instead! Aztláns! Your old ruler is gone!"

After the merchant girl finished translating, the Harubans cried out. Some were joyous, but a number of them were furious.

"But that isn't all, my new friends. I'll be leaving one of my nobles here to govern you under my hand. He will always be present in your village, and he will have Aztlán riches of gold and chocolate with him."

With this, the sentiments of the crowd changed. Now, the Harubans were unanimous with their cheers of rejoice. Meztli smiled victoriously, then turned back to his men.

"Let's get started on a port. If there's more land to be seen nearby, we should set up a base of operations here to continue expanding. Get to it."

Oi +Ethan Kokoro 
Can we count on you to be active enough to moderate this community again, or nah?

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Hehehehehe........ Nobunaga will join this skirmish,

Name: Nobunaga

Gender: male

S.o.: Heterosexual


Height: 6'7

Backstory: before civilization remembers, there was ransei. A place with no Pokéballs, and where person and pokemon relied on trust.Nobunaga is a descendant member of the Oda clan- the Only member, as pirates wiped out the rest of his family. Now he fights, for honor, courage, and what is right.

Tools: a tamahagane sword, a titanium and aluminum armor with heat regulators, and grappling hooks. A crapton of grappling hooks. A few bows, and a wide variety of arrows.

Affiliation: Royals

Pokemon: a Clauncher.

Skills: excellent swordfighter and marksman.

Accent/ speech,: refers to himself in third person

Reason to be here: to kill anyone related to the death of his parents

Likes: his allies, pokemon in general, and being in charge.

Dislikes: his enemies, the douche that killed his parents 

Katie sighed heavily as the air stung at her wet face. She had found herself soaring through the air on the back of her Garchomp. After waking up from the blackout, she took a moment to assess her position and her body, well aware of an extra, filled Timer Ball in her pocket.

*Eventually, the trainer arrived at the
Almia forest clearing with Garchomp. She stumbled off Arros's back and thanked her, returning the exhausted flier for some well-deserved rest. Katie looked at her clothing, feeling water slide from her hair, her coat, and her arms. With a heavy sigh at how she was still soaked to the skin, Katie looked up at the sun and hoped that it wouldn't take too long to dry off before she returned back to the base.*

+Nicholas Koeser ayyy

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I may add a bio/history. Not sure :3

Name: Dahlia!

Nicknames: Dahlia, Lia, Delilah.

Gender: Female.

Age: I'm 22, but almost 23!

Full Date Of Birth: 10th of October, 1992.

Astrological Sign: I'm a Libra!

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog!

Speech Characteristic: I can speak English, French and German.

Sexuality: Straight!

Blood Type: A

Nationality: Well. I live in two places. So...

Marital Status: Single and ready to Mingle!

Personality: Dahlia is a very overly Optimistic person, who thinks that every person is here for a reason. She is very cheerful, because her parents had told her to be until they died.

Appearance: Dahlia is very skinny, with light colored skin. She has black hair which she styles because it reminds her of her mother. Also, she has sapphire blur eyes.

Height: 6'1 (with heels.) 5'9 (without.)

Weight: That is classified information.

Birth Place: Well, I don't really know.

Trainer Class: Arcade Star
Likes: I like dancing, swimming, being hugged, other members of the Battle Frontier!

Dislikes: Fake people.

Hobbies: Dancing, baking, Battling, going to the gym.

Fears: I have no Fears, that I know of.

Favorite Season: Fall/Autumn.
Favorite Food: I love ice cream, it is delicious!
Favorite Author: Well, I like Jacqueline Wilson.
Favorite Song: I don't really have one, I love all songs the same.
Favorite Singer: Lily Allen, Adele, Beyoncé.
Favorite Color: I love the color lilac, it's the color of my favorite flower, the Hydrangea
Favorite Scent: I love the scent of ice cream, it smells beautiful.

Family: I'd love a family.

Team: I haven't decided. There are so many choices. How do I know?

Items: I have many items, honey bun!


Name: Blaziken.
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Item: White Herb
Moveset: Flare Blitz, Superpower, Thunder Punch, Night Slash.

Name: Togekiss
Gender: Female
Ability: Serene Grace
Item: Expert Belt
Moveset: Aura Sphere, Psychic, Air Slash, Hyper Beam.

Name: Medicham
Gender: Male
Ability: Pure Power
Item: Salac Berry
Moveset: Zen Headbutt, Endure, Fake Out, Reversal.

PC Pokemon: I have most pokémon.

Initial battle
Before battle
"No need to worry. ♪ Let chance do what it does. Like surprises from the game board, life goes through twists and turns. No need to worry. ♪ Things will go as they will. But, enough of that. I know one thing for certain. You have arrived here not merely because you were lucky. Let us not waste any time. I wish to test your skills myself!"

After the roulette
"Always be smiling! Luck comes to those who are happy! That's why I always keep a big smile and believe in my Pokémon when I battle."

Being defeated
"You're so very, very good! My Pokémon had a good time, too!"

After being defeated
"How fabulous of you! Your love of Pokémon shone through, and, in turn, your Pokémon believed in you. That is why you handled everything thrown your way splendidly. A most wonderful victory it was!"

Before battle
"No need to worry. ♪ Let chance do what it does. Like surprises from the game board, life goes through twists and turns. No need to worry. ♪ Things will go as they will. But, enough of that. You are proving yourself incredible. Are you incredible because you are so lucky you shrug off bad luck entirely? Or, are you so incredibly talented to not be swayed by luck, good or bad? I wish to see for myself what brought you to me today!"

After the roulette
"Whenever I battle someone tough, I smile. I cannot help it! How about you? What do you do? Do you laugh? Cry? Get angry?"

Being defeated
"Battling a wonderful Trainer is always a happy occasion!"

After being defeated
"Truly, it was so very fabulous of all of you! Bad luck, you cast aside, and good luck, you netted. That you did so is evidence of your abilities. By defeating me, Dahlia, you have proven your mastery brilliantly! I am sincerely happy for having this battle against you!"
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"Winning is important, but what's more important is whether I've done better this time. Because if I can't surpass myself, I can't get close to my ideals. I want to improve and win more elegantly, so I invite you to be my opponent again in the future."

Full Name: Caitlin Cattleya.

Name Meaning:

Caitlin - Pure

Cattleya - A beautiful one.

Nicknames: Aleya, Leya, Cat, Lynn.

Gender: Female.

Age: 18.

Sexuality: Straight.

Birthday: 12th of May.

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Unovian.

Marital Status: Single.

Personality: Perky, Happy, Can Be Easily Saddened, Bad Sense Of Humor, Good, Friendly, Neat, Intelligent, Ambitious, Stylish, Sly, Smart, Intellectual, Lovely, Nice, Confident, Elegant, Shy, Sophisticated. Joyful, Self Assured, Hopeless Romantic, Spunky, Optimistic, Naive, Angered Easily, Gentle, Helpful, Graceful, Courageous, Obedient, Resilient, Resourceful, Mischievous.

Height: I'm 5'9

Weight: I'm not saying.

Birth Place: Unknown.

Likes: Sleeping, Battling, Beds, Pokémon.

Dislikes: People who wake me up when I'm sleeping.

Hobbies: Sleeping.

Team: I'm not sure.


Name: Musharna
Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronize
Item: Zoom Lens
Nature: Jolly
Moveset: Reflect, Charge Beam, Hypnosis, Dream Eater.

Name: Alakazam
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Ablity: Synchronize
Item: Expert Belt
Nature: Modest
Moveset: Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Psychic, Charge Beam.

Name: Gothitelle
Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Ability: Frisk
Item: Wise Glasses
Nature: Bashful
Moveset: Psychic, Flatter, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt.

Name: Gallade
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Steadfast.
Item: Muscle Band
Nature: Timid
Moveset: Close Combat, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Psycho Cut.

Name: Reuniclus
Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Ability: Magic Guard.
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Gentle
Moveset: Psychic, Thunder, Recover, Focus Blast.

Name: Metagross
Nickname: None
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Clear Body.
Item: Life Orb.
Nature: Hasty
Moveset: Zen Headbutt, Bullet Punch, Earthquake, Hammer Arm.


Pokemon B/W Bianca's Theme -

Battle Themes:

Pokemon B/W Elite Four Battle Extended -
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Zeo, who had recently met the conditions to become a ranger, was handed a uniform and a styler, he then left to complete his first assignment
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