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GETTING STARTED ... here is my collection of hint cards in a single post ...
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Hi there, agent FakeBedLinen checking in. Currently level 3 , play in Longford Gloucester area. Not many portals though.

Ox3nfr33 checking in. Active around patchway, Bradley stoke and almondsbury currently. Odd sojourn into downend and the surrounding too.

Hey there. Jinshei from Stroud, Gloucestershire! If any of you are around there, we've got a local hangout we're dragging people into!

hello everyone, I'm agent jhazelnutt and am quite new because I'm level 5 and play most of it in Gillingham (north dorset)

Agent name M4G1C visiting until Monday. Have isle of White keys. Visiting camp bestivle

Can't remember if I've ever posted here, but I'm DeceasedSector in-game, I'm Level 7, been about since year 2, but I've only recently come back onto the game!

In need of supplies, if anyone can provide assistance, it would be much appreciated, although I'm happy to go about grinding ;)

Hey guys, TheBrownir here.

Mainly play in Swindon but travel out to the surrounding area occasionally, just hit level 8 so looking to get more involved in the community and the subsequent outings.

Hopefully I will meet some of you soon :D

FatherMonje, monkeying around North Bristol for the last couple of weeks.
The Resistance stole my polo mints and I'm rather fond of green triangles.

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