Edea was floating face down in the pool, her mouth and nose fully submerged. She was completely still, wearing only the bottom half of her two piece bikini.
Another Day, another Death Post... I may or may not be a bit sadistic.
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Name: Emily Hisagi... um... just call me Emma please...
Gender: female obviously!
Age: I am nineteen years old
Majors in: "I'm majoring in science!!
Personality: "I am shy at times... but I'm usually extremely geeky and happy!"
Likes: SCIENCE Drawing and CARAMEL LATTES!!!!
Dislikes: "I don't like it when people are staring over my shoulder while I'm drawing...I don't like being called names either..."
Drives: "I walk to school. No need to cause unnecessary pollution!"
Bio: "I don't like to talk about my past... It's an extremely sensitive topic..."

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colby sits on bench playing guitar 

A single cough echoes through the undisturbed silence that is this community

(Open RP)
*Vex was jamming out in her LuXray headphones as she held her skiPod in her right hand... It was displaying a picture of a teenager in roller-skates wearing some strange looking headphones and holding a can of spray paint.*
Bonus points if you can name the character depicted above. Even more bonus points if you can name what game he's from.

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(I couldn't find any other good Infernape gijinka pic)
Name: Akuma Goutetsu

Gender: Male

Age: I'm a guy

Major: I dunno Art...Science um...Language Arts

Personality: I can be an idiot sometimes.....

Likes: Beer...don't worry I don't drink that much, Eating, Sleeping

Dislikes: Math, Getting wet, having to get up early

Bio: I had an abusive family that I escaped from at age 7 and lived on the streets until I was 14 when I was taken in by an old couple who own a restaurant. I can get really violent if others mess with me or friends.
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((Not sure if I'm gonna get in trouble for this, but I asked nicely and haven't gotten a response ))

"I'm not really the social type"

Name: My name is Shane Decapre

Gender: I'm male.....no offense but are you blind?

Age: I am exactly 18...I know, Im tall for may age.

Major: I major in Art history (dose that count?)

Personality : I'm kind of an introvert, but I can be social if I feel like it,or the situation at hand called for it

Likes: I like spending some time alone after a long day of studying

Dislikes: I don't particularly enjoy being forced into social events....

Bio: I came from a rather wealthy family,but with all that money came a bunch of family issues...my parents eventually devorced, and my sister Angela eventually moved across the country. I desided to enroll into this school to get away from all my woes......however,I don't know if it will work...

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"... ..."

Name: "My name is Maris Fangspark. If you call me that, I will not hesitate to smack you upside the head. Please address me as Vex Fang."

Gender: "....As you can clearly tell from my hips, my chest and my face, I am totally, completely 100% male. Smacks interviewer I'm a female, genius."

Age: "I am eighteen. I skipped a few grades in my time..."

Major: "I major in Physical Sciences, specifically, Physics. I am planning on switching to either something in Protective Services or Law...."

Personality: "I'm told that I'm very shy, as well a outgoing... I don't really know how else to describe myself... or even HOW to describe myself... I guess... I have a strong sense of justice...?"

Likes: "I love my boyfriend, Aqua, but he doesn't seem to be here right now... I like eating fish, popcorn, watching YouTube, listening to music, helping people who are younger than me and beating up bullies....."

Dislikes: "I despise this one a**hole named Mayne, thank god he ended up getting accepted by a different college.... I also hate bullies big surprise there, I especially HATE it when someone mistakes me for a guy... That's pretty much it."

Drives: "I drive a cerulean bike... it is 19 years old and it has a bell... There's really not much else to say about it..."

Bio: "... I came from a place WAAAY out in the country, it was like a ranch but... without animals... and just tons and tons of plants. I kinda had to live like a vegetarian for like, my first two months. Anyways, the place ended up burning down, taking my crazed mother with it. So my Dad had to bike all the way to my uncle's house while cradling me. My uncle was... well, he wasn't rich.... but he did pretty well for himself, he  had all the modern conventions and then some... so I ended up being pampered by fancy gizmos, lucky me... But then... there way Mayne. He was an ASS of a person, he put me down every chance he got... once he got the skinny on my whole family situation... He never let me hear the end of it... C- can we please... move on?"

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"Hi, watcha need?"

Name: Hi! I'm Joy Aspen, nice to meet you!

Gender: I'm a girl ... I can check your eyes if you want ...

Age: I'm nineteen.

Major: Health Science. Specifically, Physical Therapy.

Personality: I'm usually pretty cheerful, and patient. I get a bit of a temper when people make fun of each other though, which isn't good because ...

Likes: I like knives. That makes for a bit of a dilemma, doesn't it?

Dislikes: Bullies, uhhh .... drunk drivers. I hate those.

Drives: A bike.

Bio: Uhh ... I lived a fairly normal life. Was happy at school, had friends, nice parents ... Oh yeah. I want to become a physical therapist because when I was little, my friend broke her leg and had trouble walking, and a lot of other kids teased her. It made me so mad, so I went online and read lots of articles, and we got her walking again. It felt really good, to help someone like that, and I want to do it again!
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