i have only grown up with my father in my life who is captain America we both live in Brooklyn I am only 14 years old my dad is part of the avengers which makes me a target to all their enemies I am walking to school

Anybody wanna rp????

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Name: Mizure Kamishiro

Alias: Gexto (In real terms Gekto)

Age: 16 turning 17


Appearance: Mizure is a 5'4 Girl who wears long skirts and jeans most of the time one of the first thing you will noted is she only have one leg. The right leg is be hold by a fake leg. As without it there is a stub on that leg. Also she have a sickness in her eye that make her wear glasses to help her to see. Her body is like a normal nerd as her chest is small, but still known as a girl.

Her styles of clothing is Long skirts, jeans,   long shirts or t shirts. She wont wear any short skirts or short pants unless she trust you, but she never like it as it show the fake leg.

Personality: Mizure is a girl who is very shy to peoples and cant trust peoples right out of bat. It going to take time for them to warmup to her. When said peoples do this mizure is really an mellow girl who love to have friends. But underneath that shell is depressed about losing the leg and thinking about killing herself.

Gexto: Gexto is a reptile hybred who does not begin to talk she fight first, during the fight she will talk. She cant stand being on her feet for at least 2 mins as she will get very bored. Like mizure you have to earn her trust to warm up to her. And when she does she flurts to everyone male and female.

 But that come into a flip effect. If she is transformed by any other mean (Seurm, gamma rays or anything) Gexto wll be hella piss and begin to smash stuff and hurt peoples in that phase if that ever happen.

Hero/Villain: Chaos Neutral


Lizard Physiology
Superhuman Strength: 
Superhuman Speed: 
Superhuman Stamina: 
Superhuman Durability: 
Superhuman Agility: 
Superhuman Reflexes: 
Regenerative Healing Factor: 
Wall Crawling: 


When she transform into Gexto her body grown until it 5'8. As Gexto her body is semi slim with mussles, not too much mussles but a little bit of it. Her body style is fit and slim as her chest grow slightly as her lowers like White tiger. Her skin is like the lizard but more scaley. When she have something on it her shirt will rip from the lower so the chest is cover.

The jeans will turn into jeans shorts and shorts pants if she wear will turn into shorts shorts and her tail will show, it a medium tail.

In her room there is a journal with dead skin  on some of the page to cover some details.

   "We need to cut the leg off now to save her" those where the final words that the doctors said as they cut young mizure's leg. A large glass shard was stuck on her right leg as it make it open it. As the main doctor slowy took the glass off. When that was happen the driver help the parents to the local office.

As when they took her away to the hospital mizure life flash in her eye. Since she was born she was a shy, mellow but smart in some degree.  Becouse of this she was chosen to be in the 12 brains of Lancaster. She live with her grandparents as her parents die in war, so in degree she was a girl version of bruce banner. Then after a version of wheel 2000 her parents took her home, but from that a car crash into them as they roll over and hit a metal rail...

  As they make it into the emergency room they knock her out as they cut the right damaged leg as they left.

3 week later.....

Mizure left the emergency room and head home as she went to her room and cries as she saw a vile on her bed desk with a note, she took the vile and read the note

"This will help you, but bewarn about the effects"

- a friend. As mizure read it, she drink it. with in the few minutes the thing kick in as the most awesome thing ever, Her right leg came out and she cuddle it. but it came into a cost, when she was alsleep she was transformed into a she lizard as she left to do her thing.

Family: She Live with Her grandparents.


In high school she is part of the 12 brains of Lancaster. That is the new generation of smart kids who will help the world out.

She is a avid Nintendo and Sega gamer girl as she own the Nintendo 64 and the sega dreamcast with each having a lot of games for each of them.

She is also a big fan of Ninja warrior.

Mizure transformed into gexto with sadness, anger or anytime gexto want out. to know where gekto want to come out mizure eyes change into a lizard pupil with red with yellow highlights on it.
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Name:Paige Rogers
Species: human
Bio:very outgoing, nice to everyone, shy and quiet
Back story:My mom died when I was very young my dad raised me in Brooklyn he keeps me from any of his emerines he is very protective of me
Likes:Listening to music, Reading and spending time with my dad

Anybody wanna RP???

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I need more members in my newest rp community.

((Open rp. Need someone to rp as the Avengers. Rping as my villain OC.))
Shadow is flying around looking for the Avenger kids hoping to poison them have them knocked out.

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((Open rp, please ask! I'm desperate need of someone to rp with.))
Stephanie (the daughter of Captain America) is out walking around. So far, everything seems normal until HYDRA soldiers show up.
HYDRA soldier: Keep an eye out for the Captain's daughter. Boss said to bring her back alive.

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Name: sparky
Affilitation: avengers and works alone
Occupation: superhero dog
Powers: electricity and hand to hand combat with shield
Species: robot dog
Bio: was design to be a military weapon,but had a glitch happen to him,he broke free and escaped,after a while he saw the avengers at work,he saw the hero captain america fighting and thought he could do that,so he placed a mask over him,crafted a shield able to protect him and be able to withstant anything and began a career of fighting villains and being friends to all heroes,and super hero girls due to them petting his ears which he liked

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