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New release of Go Eye 2.1.1. More beautiful PDF book generated.

Go Eye 2.1 is released. Amazing update with richer social network sharing features including Wechat. Much faster, more stable and more beautiful. Yeah!

The leading sentence of Go Eye's next version's release notes :) This is a wonderful version that addresses many aspects of the app: performance, stability, user friendliness, and social sharing features.

Go Eye 2.0 is out!
Richer online go game resources are integrated into the new version. Added mobile friendly mode for weiqiTV web site. Now you can view and search 70k+ games from weiqiTV go game database through Go Eye. Many good go web sites are pre-loaded into the in-app browser home page. You can customize the home page by long tap and remove unwanted items.

Turn on “Auto show variation” in settings, then you can step through all all variations in game viewing mode without manually switching the variations.

Added two new options to customize board border and move stepper position for big screen iPhone.

A few bug fixes and UI improvements. Improved help pages.

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Go Eye on promotion for CNY, 30% off.
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Go Eye released 1.8.0,  Go Eye 1.8.0 Release Notes

This is a brilliant update!

We have a wonderful new feature for you: Supporting go game image recognition of general photos with assisted mode.

In addition to Go Eye’s established auto recognition of computer generated go game image, we have developed the cutting-edge technologies to make Go Eye’s image recognition more practical for real life go boards. And it supports any combination of rows and columns. You can recognize a part of the board, 9x9 boards, even 2x19 boards, etc.

To use the new feature, use your fingers to select the four corners of the board with assisted board grid lines and magnifiers. More accurate selection results in more accurate recognition result.

In addition, you can customize the row number or column number in the area you select.

Other fixes include improving the Chinese encoding detection. Fix some crash bugs.

Note: For big pictures, the app experienced crash due to excessive memory usage. The problem will be fixed in next release.

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Go Eye's next release will support the wonderful new feature: To recognize real life go game image!
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Go Eye released 1.7.10 version, enabling iTunes file sharing to let you import go games from local PC.
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