Sewing the World Shut

Last night I dreamt I was standing on the pointy end of an upright 20 story tall sewing needle in the middle of New York City. I balanced myself on the very thin metal tip of this needle, one foot at a time. Switching back and fourth from right leg to left and back again, I jumped and landed perfectly on the tip of the needle with the tip of my steel toed boot. Around me there was nothing but a pinkish colored sky and thin, blush grey clouds. The threat of falling lingered. When I looked down I could see people threading this giant needle I was atop, with the help of interesting looking creatures that were a bit of a combination between elephants, and swans. They had blue-ish bodies with cream feathers, elongated necks and black beaks. Beautiful, giant, soft animals full of emotion and grace. I was too far away to see the details of the people below, but I could hear some of their conversations reverberating through the needle as if it were conducting sound like a gramophone, and i heard the hum of a mantra that was continuously repeating softly in the background. "the coward dies every day but the brave man dies only once".

At first glance the large heavy thread looked like typical marine rope - earth toned fibers twisted and wound together. But as I glimpsed and stared in between moments of establishing balance, I noticed that it was made if of moving, living things. But still, I was too far from the ground to see what it really consisted of.

Suddenly something shoved me off the tip of the needle and I started to free-fall. The inevitable had happened, but not the way I had expected it to. I had expected my body to give out and to fall on my own accord. Being dismantled was a shock. As I fell and spun, falling backwards into the pinkish sky, I saw two people with bird heads now standing on the needle together where I had been balancing, clutching to each other, balancing with ease. They had the bodies of humans, and the heads of birds - but no wings. Big round black eyes, long pointy red beaks, and silky white feathers for heads. They were both dressed in black clothes. The man in a suit and the woman in a silk, flowing dress. As I fell we watched each other, and the male gave me the finger, while female giggled and looked away. That was very rude, I remember thinking. I felt confused, and scared because I was still free falling but couldn't see the ground because I was facing the sky and falling backwards, staring at these asshole bird people. I thought for sure I should have hit the ground by now - but seemed to just keep going.

After a while I was able to focus and flip around to see the ground approaching, but instead of seeing the ground as I assumed it would look from where I was balancing on the needle, I saw the earth as a kind of flexible, multi colored fabric and the giant needle was now flipped around with the tip on the ground, and began to puncture the earth which had a big frayed tare in it. The tare seemed to extend forever. Suddenly I could see that the thread actually consisted of everything. It was people, objects, places, planets, galaxies, animals, all wound together into one big thread - it was everything and together with this giant needle it was working to make this epic repair but at the same time creating the tare in the first place.

I continued to fall through the sky, towards the frayed tear in the earth, watching the thread move and needle work to fix the tare, and woke up just before landing.
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