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Challenge #1

12C Spider - London - Triple Boost

Top 3 will be featured in my video or preston’s.


Send to this community (Link of YT vid or send to

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Challenge: Do over 18 flat spins

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Challenge: Do a barrel roll on a bike!

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Veichle #94, no tokens spent, a very easy championship compared to the others, but yeah, another collectible and track toy (its fun to drive)
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TOP 100 #5 (late)

btw post ur runs here or send it to the email

Hello guys this is a chance to get to meet each other and challenge each other and advance other people skills, you will be 8n a video if you make it into the top 3 places for each challenge, upload it to youtube or send it to this email —> or give me or +Preston T the link to video. THANKS
Btw here is the discord of this community —�—>

Challenge is due on 12:00 PM Saturday PST!
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