Name: David 'Angelo' Swift

Nickname: Firman

Theme song: (The instrumental version of it)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Weapon of Choice: Dual blades

Biographical Information

Place of Birth Before Invasion: N/A (David is homeless, but he doesn't care)

Place of Residency: N/A

Job: Being a hero

Personality: David is caring, mysterious, gentle, kind, etc. His favorite colors are navy blue, dark blue, white, black, red. forest green, brown & some other type of blue. David loves to do his job, sing, dance & write.

Description of Character: Brown hair with brown eyes. He doesn't wear armor. He prefers to wear his own clothes in combat. He wears a navy blue & white shirt, navy blue pants, navy blue & white hoodie, white socks, white gloves & regular glasses (Sometimes). David is a little bit tall.

HP & Stamina: 4,300/8,600

Defense: 300/600

Potential: 50/100

Evasion: 50/100

Friends: "Princess Nikki 'Orabella' Smith, Sarah my family & anyone that is good & isn't a demon. -David 'Angelo' Swift"

Princess Nikki's theme (It has two parts): &

Father: Andrew 'Archer' Swift

Andrew's theme song:

Uncle: Paul 'Hunter' Swift

Paul Hunter's theme song:

Brother: 'Channe' Chancellor Swift (His nickname is Tristin)

Chancellor's theme song: (Chancellor's evil because he used to be on his family's & friend's side & now all the sudden he's not on their side, but sometimes he becomes good & is on his family's & friend's side for a little bit)

Is in-love with: Sarah Caring Song (She's a year younger than David)

Sarah's theme song:

Teammates: "Sarah, Paul, Andrew, Princess Glacia, sometimes Chancellor & anyone else who is good & isn't a demon. -David 'Angelo' Swift"

(The picture of David is not available for now)

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Finally getting to this. This is my exact avatar.

Name: Joseph

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human Mimeosome

Alignment: BLADE, Interceptors

Weapon of Choice: Assault rifle and long sword

Place of Birth Before Invasion: Iowa, U.S.A

Place of Residency: New Los Angeles

Personality: Joseph is caring, a little humorous (mostly serious), gentle and kind. Truth was he was an only child back on Earth, and his parents didn't make it onto the White Whale. He doesn't grieve for them anymore, though. He has OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder), ADHD and depression, but hides his depression for the sake of others.

Favorite color: Red or black

Favorite type of armor: Heavy

Favorite activities: Writing

Look: Picture of the human below


HP: 8330

Total ranged attack: 116

Defense: 156

Ranged accuracy: 222

Ranged attack: 102

Evasion: 88

TP: 3000

Total melee attack: 274

Melee accuracy: 253

Melee attack: 130

Potential: 63

Equipped skills-

Steel fish (max)

Iron knuckle (1)

Healing aura (max)

Equipped arts-

Tornado blade (4)

Magnum edge (4)

Defensive stance (4)

Assault hammer (3)

Rising blade (4)

Flame grenade (3)

Ultraslash (4)

Furious blast (4)

Equipped Skell: XS0730 Amdusias ST (Has flight module.)


HP: 13900

Frame level: 30

Armor: 416

Ranged accuracy: 216

Ranged attack: 66

Evasion: 10

GP: 3000

Skell insurance: 2

Fuel: 25200

Melee accuracy: 244

Melee attack: 147

Potential: 100


Left sidearm: SHM-M4305A pile-bunker

Right sidearm: SHM-R430ME firegun

Left back: None

Right back: SRM-M130SA Buster

Left shoulder: SSM-M130ME heathorn

Right shoulder: SSM-MX230SA E-scythe

Left arm: SAM-R130ME needlegun

Right arm: SAM-R130SA minigun

Left hand: (Right hand holds the same exact weapon.) SKM-M130SA beamsaber
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((Let's get this started then! First RP thread of the group! ...Also, Happy Holidays!))


Ornil exited the BLADE barracks quietly and stood at the mission terminal, scrolling through requests certain citizens had made. Most of them were to gather random baubles for what people still thought as "Christmas" or whatever their equivalent was. He didn't see the point to it. Who was keeping a calendar here, anyway? In his mind, there was no reason to feign happiness while they were all under a constant threat. It had only been a couple weeks since they arrived on Mira. There were much better (and more productive) things to do.

He scoffed at the screen for a moment before turning away. Any missions he would have taken required more than one BLADE. If he went out alone he would be punished for violating safety rules or what-not. He leaned against a nearby pole and glanced downward. He wasn't going out of his way to find a group of strangers that probably wouldn't be useful. If somebody wanted him for something, he would decide if they were worth teaming up with or not.

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It's transfer time!

Name: Aura Arondight
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Weapon of Choice (If they wield one): Magic, mixed martial arts, Caliburn

Biographical Information (OPTIONAL SECTION)
Place of Birth Before Invasion: N/A
Place of Residency: N/A

Gentlemanly, chivalrous, but withholds much information.

Description of Character
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 88lbs
While undeniably human, her power and skill does create a sort of metaphorical wall between her and normal humans. Beasts are able to sense she is different and will act accordingly. Highly perceptive individuals will also be able to identify her as different.

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General Information
Name: Ornil
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human Mimeosome
Weapon of Choice (If they wield one): Dual Blades and Sniper Rifles

Biographical Information
Place of Birth Before Invasion: United States, MA
Current Place of Residency: New Los Angeles

Ornil is quiet, and some may even consider him shy. He prefers not to talk around people he is not normally around, but will not let them control him. If his beliefs are contested, he is not afraid to hold his ground. His removed personality also transitions to battle, where her prefers a more quiet approach by stealthily taking enemies out with his rifle or sneaking with his blades. Like many others, he lost what was left of his family after boarding the White Whale, his younger sister most notably. His parents were already dead. On Mira, he joined BLADE like many others; but his reasons were different. Securing a future for mankind is only a secondary goal.

Description of Character
Indigo hair with green eyes and a notable green marking on the face of his Mimeosome. He usually wears a pair of glasses, and prefers to wear light armor in combat. He is relatively short.

The rules of Planet Mira:

How to become a member:
- All members must make a character sheet! (Posted in the "Characters" forum.) Even if you decide to roleplay characters already in the game, which is allowed, but and excessive amount of these characters will not be allowed. Speaking of characters...
- Absolutely no godmoding, Gary/Mary Sue-ing, whatever you wanna call it. Your character does not overpower all others!
- Your character sheet does not need to be approved. If I do not point out any issues, you're all set! (Issues include the obvious rules above. I will not tell you how to play your character!)

General Rules:
- Be respectful of other's characters!
- No racism, sexism, discrimination, or anything of the sort! (Seriously guys, that's not cool)
- No harassment
- Don't badger people for their NNID, Skype, Steam, or other account info. Some people don't like to share that stuff.
- ERP in the public forums is NOT allowed! If you would like to roleplay this, do so via IM or PM over whatever service you choose.
- Any OOC (Out of Character) interaction MUST be denoted in the RP forums! (Discussion tab is all OOC) Examples being: //Mesage ((Message))

These rules are subject to change at ANY time I or other admins/moderators see fit. This is a safe and fun community, and we will try to keep it that way.

Character Sheet Template (Note: This does NOT need to be followed word for word. You may even add to it. This is just how I usually make my character sheets. Take a look at my completed one for an even better reference if you need help!)

General Information
Weapon of Choice (If they wield one):

Biographical Information (OPTIONAL SECTION)
Place of Birth Before Invasion:
Place of Residency:


Description of Character
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