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meet x-z from the wolf family

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The fateful hedgehog andrew
Andrew and the 7 hedgehogs of light

The fateful hedgehog andrew

(We begin 4 years after the prologue with andrew waking up)
the alarm clock sound from fnaf 4 plays as andrew turns it off and wakes up
Andrew: yawns is it morning already? looks at the clock and sees that the time is 8:00 am I'm gonna walk with nikki this morning.
chiptunes and salsa for perlious paradise act 3 from sonic before the sequel plays as andrew gets ready and walks with nikki
Nikki: good morning andrew! :)
Andrew: good morning nikki.
Nikki: I wanna show you something cool. Do you wanna come?
Andrew: sure.
Nikki: cool. holds andrews hand let's go! :)
the dragonfly dojo music from spyro enter the dragonfly plays as andrew and nikki comes into a huge tower
Nikki: here we are! The light tower. This is the home of the monarchy freedom fighter turbo the hedgehog.
Andrew: that's awesome nikki.
Nikki: thank you.
Andrew: your welcomed.
Hedgehog 1: comes out of the light tower good morning guests.
Andrew and nikki: good morning mr turbo! :)
Mr turbo: please. Call me turbo.
Master turbo: master turbo the hedgehog. And this is my partner dr xiron.
Dr xiron: hello there kids.
Andrew and nikki: hello! :)
Master turbo: I'm looking for a hedgehog named andrew. Have any of you seen him?
Andrew: I'm andrew.
Master turbo: oh that's way past cool! I need you for something importent.
Andrew: ok. I'll see you later nikki.
Nikki: I'll see you later too dude. Have fun!
Andrew: ok I will! :) walks inside the light tower wow! This place looks so awesome!
Master turbo: thank you andrew.
Andrew: your welcomed! :)
Master turbo: oh and there's a main reason why we needed you here.
Andrew: what's the reason?
Master turbo: take a seat and I'll tell you.
Andrew: ok. sits down tell me.
Master turbo: ok. birth by sleep music from kingdom hearts 2 final mix plays there is a legend that 7 keyblade wielding hedgehogs with a pure heart of light must be formed in order to stop a force of darkness. And those 7 hedgehogs include you, melissa, xandrew, ruby, xion, flare and flarex. And together the 7 hedgehogs of light will be born.
Andrew: so I can use a keyblade?
Master turbo: yes. Now focus and summon your keyblade.
Andrew: ok. focuses and summons the fateful memory keyblade woah! Now that is just awesome!
Master turbo: yes it is.
Dr xiron: you will begin your search for the 7 hedgehogs of light now. So take these chaos emeralds that I found from sonics adventure in south island.
Andrew: 6 chaos emeralds appears in front of me and takes me to another area in mobius woah! Where am I? looks at a imcomplete version of the death egg in the distance that's not good. That's not good at all. runs to stop the death egg from being completed

End of story.

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+Melissa Cates

This is my autumm story.
Andrew and the 7 hedgehogs of light

The prologue

(We begin with 2 young hedgehogs discussing an idea to make a team of heroes)

???: so how did you do on training xiron?
Xiron: I did pretty good. I used my keyblade to battle our masters in training. How did you do turbo?
Turbo: I did a way past cool job with the training and I battled master eraqus.
Xiron: cool.
Turbo: thinks about something
Xiron: what's wrong dude?
Turbo: we need to talk.
Xiron: ok. walks with turbo outside and talks with turbo what do you wanna talk with me about dude? Are you going on a date with aleena tonight?
Turbo: no xiron. I think we should form of team of heroes in the future.
Xiron: that's cool. So what are you gonna call the team?
Turbo: I think I'll call it. the andrew and the 7 hedgehogs of light logo appears the 7 hedgehogs of light.

End of story.

She has made 3 books at south high south school.
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