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I thought this of interest to folks roleplaying Japanese mythological settings.
Cool looking books on Japanese mythological monsters, demons and ghosts.

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Hi everyone, I'd like to share ideas with whoever is running or playing a roleplaying campaign set in old Japan. The one I'm running is with RuneQuest 6th edition and is set in the Sengoku era. I'm using the campaign Shiki by Michael Montesa for the Sengoku RPG as a basic frame. I blog about it. I'd like to read about your campaigns! Here you can see the map I did based on the one provided in Shiki. You can translate the text into your language using the Translate Button on the right margin.

I missed the Land of Narrow Paths kickstarter - is there going to be a way to get the pdfs of the maps anytime?

I've heard wonderful things about this game from Michelle Valenzuela and would like to start a group in Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately all of the links I try to take to view the material you posted go to dead url and domains.
I just need to access the basic character building and abilities mostly with the rest coming from homebrew supplements.

Thank you again for proving a wonderful expansion to the table top genre.

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Now this is another cool map to share.
This Stanford Research Lab article talks about the difficulties of digitizing a Japanese tax map from 1837. It said, "The map measures 11x17 and was too large to image in our oversized imaging lab." I thought, psssh, 11"x17" is too large? Then I realized they meant feet. (Stanford Library):

Hi! I've learned just now about Vagabonds, and I'd really like to know more about it. 
I've tried to visit the game website, but it seems to require some sort of registration/password, so... where can I find an overview of the game? And when do you think it'll be released?
Thank you!

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Oh wow. Very cool setting and game rules from what Ive read so far.

Would love to play test this with my game group. 
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