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#1. Please no reshare or spam posts. Spam post are things like “reshare for”, “reshare or die”, “reshare is you like this” even if it’s related, nothing along the lines of “repost” or “like” or “challenge” or anything.
#2. No advertising communities unless permitted by a mod/owner.
#3. Don’t start any drama, if you have a problem with another member, mention an owner or mod and we’ll take care of it. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, just skip it and move on. Lingering about it will only cause trouble, so please, if you have a problem with someone or something, just mention a mod/owner.
#4. Do not start flamewars over opinions, please. People have different opinions and that’s ok, so leave them with theirs and you leave yours to yourself in that case.
Only FNaF related roleplays (rps) are allowed, nothing else.
#5. No nsfw, or sexual content, or nudity, or anything like that. Gore is allowed though, since the game HAS gore. (gore means blood, nsfw means not safe for work, meaning pornography and inappropriate things as so)
#6. Do no try to sign up as a canon character. You are certainly allowed to roleplay as them, but please don’t post a sign up post for them. It seems like you’re claiming the character. Also no fan made game characters, please. Those will be considered canon characters and can be roleplayed with without sign up. The sign up is meant for ocs (original characters) only.
#7. Do not ask to be mod unless mod applications/sign ups are up. It gets very annoying for people to ask to be mod randomly.
#8. Respect moderators (mods) and owners. They know what they are doing, and that’s why they have that ranking. You respect us, we respect you.

Things about ocs:
= You HAVE to have your oc approved, and if not, you cannot roleplay with them.
Night guards can only be humans, please no anthros or half human half animal.
= At least try to make your character original. Do not copy off of someone else’s character or a canon character (character from the game), and do not steal characters. That will result in an immediate ban.
= Please do NOT have an oc that is related to or a child of a canon character. Its completely unoriginal and will just end up being denied as an oc.
= Do not make the animatronics like you if you’re a nightguard, and please, don’t ship your characters with the game characters, they’re animatronics and killers.
= Please don’t have your oc have a sexuality unless its a nightguard. Animatronics are robots and can’t love, and they have no “parts” to do anything with, so please don’t ship animatronics.
= Think out the likes and dislikes, don’t make it stuff like “likes cake, dislikes bullies and mean people”. Just think of something related to the character and make that a like of theirs.
= You need to have a bio. It’s the story of the character and it explains how they came to be, how their past was, why they are the way they are. If you need help, ask someone. Also, the bio isn’t for explaining what they look like. Make that separate unless you have a picture, there is no need to explain how they look if they have a picture.
= If you use a base to draw your character or use a picture of someone else (only goes for nightguards), make sure to credit the artist or where you got the image so we know you aren’t claiming it as yours.
= Please don’t make your character edgy and kill everything they see. Don’t make them have complete and udder feelings and hatred for stuff. Don’t make them mary sue or anything either.
= Do not use characters from other fandoms as ocs, they aren’t ocs and they aren’t related.
= If your character is an animatronic, make sure your picture or whatever is animatronic too and not a furry or something
RP rules:
= As said before, no sexual roleplaying.
= Don’t take over the roleplay and try to get everyone doing what you want, go along with what everyone else is doing.
= Don’t be edgy, it’s annoying, so yea.
= That’s about it for roleplaying.

Oc sign up sheet:
Age: (unless if your an animatronic)
Job/species:(job if human, species if animatronic)

Moderator/Owner sign up:
= Have pros and cons (goods and bads about you)
= => (examples:) Pros: happy a lot, does my best, tries not to be mean
= => (examples:) Cons: a little rude, not online much
= Add some info about you, maybe your age or how mature you are, how often you can be online
= Just know that it is not a certain yes that you will be a mod, and that’s why you make a sign up, so we can see if you would be a good mod.
= If you do not have much info or don’t have good info, you most likely will not become a mod.
= It is very much prefered that you have been in the community for a good amount of time before asking to be a mod.

If you have any questions, just ask one of the following people in Discussion/Other:
+Midnight The Tiger - Main owner (creator of the community)
+Cokkies Squee™ - Co-Owner (most active owner, incharge of this and stuff)
+halee angel - Main mod (pretty active (I think))
+Ringo Eddsworld -ONe of the mods
Nice person

ORIGINAL POST BY +halee angel
so, i am a pretty chilled out mod, i will let somethings slide, but... when you start to argue constantly with small stuff... lets just say, you will not be liked to much.

me, +Cokkies Squee™ and +Midnight The Tiger run and help run the community. i think Midnight is someone that will never get mad at you.... but, me and cokkies are different. we will respect you if you do the same for us, we wont get upset, we will try to work things out and yea, fine and dandy right?

sighs so people who want to say NO to us, and think you can do whatever and get whatever you want, STOP. we dont like fighting, we dont like banning, but we dont care about about how many followers you have. We will treat you the same

we WILL be more enforcing on the rules if more people act like this, unfortunately soo sorry

and this is from the last pinned post :3
I don't want to take down the pinned post so.... Yea....
So some of you are getting denied because of the obvious ITS NOT ORIGINAL
1 the OC CANNOT be the son/ daughter of an animatronic or human. why an animatronic in the first place is my question Or have ANY relation to another character in the game.

Another reason for denial:
2 it is not FNAF related. It just cannot be an animatronic. It has to tie into The story.

And I am just going to mention this now: if we deny you, don't get upset. That is the last thing we want.

Thank you and enjoy your day/night. For more questions..... Ask me, but mainly +Cokkies Squee™ and +Midnight The Tiger
They know a million more things then I do 😅

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Barry was a new attraction. He was set up near the main stage to be seen by the children for when they came in. He stayed in the basic area the entire day, only moving to greet new children. All day he scanned the scattered children, seemingly looking for something. It was nearing the end of the day and everyone was beginning to leave. Barry said goodbye to the children as they left, still searching the few children now...

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Ahhhh I thought I'd post Barry here!

Name: Barry
Species: Bat
Likes: Children, flying (obviously, hah) (this is hard getting likes cause he doesn't have a child haunting his suit yet)
Dislikes: (I'll work on this more)
Bio: Barry was brought in as a new animatronic from a sister location (whoa what, hah) to attract more kids. He was more robotic than the others since he still hadn't started being haunted by a child. His programming was to be a simple entertainer and welcomer, but something else seemed to be in his programming when around lone children. (wowow spooky)

Still a work in progress, he's pretty new, haven't gotten to do much with him yet so yea

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"Now introducing Red Cardinal! He's here to entertain at your Birthday parties! He's cheep to rent and has opening panels for easy repair!"
Name: Red Cardinal
Species: Cardinal
Likes: Dancing, playing guitar, Food fights, singing, drawing, randomly screaming
Dislikes: pain, cake, adults, spiders, fire
Bio: he was originally an animatronic with a soft plushy covering but after years of rotting and smelling bad he was replaced with a new funtime animatronic. The little boy who's soul inhibits the suit was killed on his birthday and stuffed into the suit before the killer returned later to bury his body.

Status: Dead
Alive members: 5
Apples: None ;-;



Well the mods could do a big rp idk

Roleplays eh


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Name: Fiona
Species: Wolf animatronic
Job: Tells children old Scottish and Irish stories and tales of animals and things of that sort
Year of creation: 1991

i think when i do the sign up for my oc i'm gonna make an advertisement intro to the information just for fun

Midnight walks down the halls of freddy fazbears pizza holding a mouse

Little mouse :3
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