What is the Dark Sagas original (aka source) document written in (Word, Google Docs, etc)?

Is the source document available for editing?

Quick question. I am considering picking up the Lulu print version of this.

Does anyone have it? I'm curious to it's printed quality.

YaY me...

I just ordered Dungeon Questing and Dark Saga's from Lulu.

If you're on the fence about it they have a special coupon going right now...

BIGSHIP17 will give you 10% off and free mail shipping or 50% of the next tier up shipping.

Good stuff

I am a little confused what this is.

Does anyone else feel like the skills should have different costs in DQ? Like shouldn't wizardry cost at least twice as much as something like lore or influence?

Hey everyone. As many of you may have noticed, some of us have decided to do a Dungeon Questing fanzine. If anyone wants to submit anything, let me know. Due date is the 19th of June.

Okay, I'll take that as a no then... ;)

So I made a new one.

The gear and spell sheets come from my ACKS character sheet (no need to reinvent the wheel).

Let me know if it works for you:


Anyone do another character sheet for DQ? I like the sheet but it has no room for additional skills!

Thought I'm having.

I know Mikael is planning on doing a Companion for DQ. The last time I chatted with him he was doing some work on it although Real Life kept kicking his butt.

What I am pondering is doing something of a Companion of my own. Taking some of my multitude of ideas, convert them all into DQ and go from there.

As +Poumpouridis Konstantinos knows, I can crank out ideas pretty easily usually. Now that most of my personal Real Life things have resolved I have time to work on things again.

I would REALLY like to see DQ get some more love. I did those two species books not long after the game came out, but I think it deserves more. Heck, I even started an idea for a low-power Supers take on it...

Another thing I'm finding a bit odd about DQ is monsters.

Most of them do a single d6 for damage which I know is how it was done in white box.

But then you have things like the Bullett who have 3 attacks and a 4d6 bite while dragons all do 1d6.

Hill Giants ("the weakest giant") do 2d6+2 while stone and frost only do 2d6.

I'd love to see this either fixed to everyone (barring giants maybe) doing 1d6, or moving back to multiple attacks and variable damage ala Greyhawk.

Anyone else have issues with this?
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