Any dominant girl wanna rp with me?

Thanks for excepting me

Is it dead?

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Any one wanna rp ( if so you had to put the female character can you also send me the private Post and a story)
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Any one wanna rp (and no outside pictures)
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up for anything

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Name: Xavier Black

Height: 6'1

Gender: Male


Personality: Dominate type, usually strict, can be rude but if i grow to like you, then I'll repect you.

Appearance: tall, dark hair, blue/grey eyes, strong.


I, was born into a company ran by my family for years. Unfortunately, they made deals with people they shoundlt have. And guess who has to clean up the mess? Me. And to fix deals, you need to make more. And one of them was you. You're family was in debt to me, and they decided instead of paying, they'd.. trade. But they were trading you. You came home from one of you sessions, and your parents had your bags packed. Confused as you were, you had no choice but to go with the shady strangers. When you arrived the place was huge. You're new home.. was huge.

Now you've been here for a week, but you've only heard about me. You were bored in your room so you made sure the halls were clear and began looking around. you found picked a room on one of the higher floors, you chose a door and...

I am a little harsh at first but I am not mean to you for the rest of the rp. There may be some action, but this is a romance rp, hentai involved. A discription of your character is prefered but not required.
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You were a rich man and I was your sexy ass maid named Izzy. You obviously had sexural attraction for me you being a perve and all. However, your wife hated it, she was so jealous about your maids sexiness and how she looked lesser than your maid, you guys fought about it all the time. One day your wife's started to get sick, she needed taken care of, she doesn't even have the strength to walk no more so she stays in bed. One day you just got done giving her food and when you walked past the living room you seen me. I was on your couch waring what was shown in the picture, I usually also have a black mini skirt on plus a white see through shirt on which your wife always hated. You looked up and down my body knowing this'll be an once in a lifetime opportunity so you decided to take your chances, you..
you will be playing the Rich Perverted husband, I'll be playing the maid and the wife

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My name was Joy, I was the cute girl staring at you off from the side, you seen me take glances at you as I bit gently against my pen, you were a pervert little boy/girl so you looked up and down my legs slowly, when you looked at me you saw I gave you a wink, the bell rang and when I past you I handed you a note, it had my address on it, after school you decided to go to my place you couldn't stop thinking about me, now your outside of my house right at the front door and you...

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A little bit about my character:
Mika Hazuski, nineteen years old, gay, he is mostly quiet unless someone does something to him like a kiss or something then he yells something like "what the hell", he doesn't believe somebody should say "I love you" without living proof of the love, when he wants something he uses no hesitation to get it, when someone is being annoying he either says "leave me alone" or ignores it, he will rarley show feelings..

A little bit about my characters background:
Raised in a foster home, isn't allowed to live alone cause of insadents that happened before, never liked school nor the foster home..that's basicly it

How you became my master:
My foster people was begging people to adopt Mika, they said they'll even pay the person $1000 monthly to do it, you decided to because you thought of me as an good advantage also could use the money for sex things, so you decided to adopt me

-you don't half to do more than one line but please try to make it more than one word/letter
-pls respond and don't quit unless telling me
-if I don't like something I'll tell you and if you don't wanna change it I'll tell you to stop (aka if you to time skipping without permission)

My foster parents begged you to take me so you did for the money and for the advantage to use me for sex! They go over and tell me to get packed. I'm packed and go to you. When we get to your house I looked up at you I haven't talked to you yet, you..
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