Right so I'm looking for a group to take part in something I've found that I believe would be very interesting and fun to play out in Ponyfinder. Yes, you read that right. Ponyfinder is an adaptation of the Pathfinder rule-set that seamlessly melds the worlds of MLP and high fantasy tabletop RPG's like D&D. I am currently working on getting all of the necessary PDF's and books and a character sheet, though I imagine that any Pathfinder sheet will work. I've given a quick read of the Campaign Setting and it is definitely not just taking MLP and making it Pathfinder, since that couldn't be marketed in the slightest. The game is not set in Equestria, instead it is set in a world called Everglow, Cutie Marks are instead Marks of Destiny or some bollocks etc etc. Though, some adjustments to the world could be made to make the setting feel more like Equestria with little issue as far as game play goes. All in all, it seems a great adaptation turned into a reasonably successful game of it's own with newer books to tie in PC's for characters such as Griffons and Hippogryffs. The major races I would want to feature in a campaign would be the base of the MLP universe, IE Unicorns, Pegasai, and "Earth-Bound" Ponies, as the system refers to them as. Though I wouldn't be against using the game's Crystal Ponies or Chaos Hunter sub races. I'd love to hear if anyone is interested as I've found a few simple pre-made 2-4 hour one-shots that could easily be made into full campaigns if it is received well. The big differences between the two are, of course, setting and the starting level. One starts players at first level and has them end at second or third level. The other starts at third level. I have some light experience as a Game Master and would be more than happy to set up a 3-5 person game and help people with character creation and the like. If anyone is interested I could have a server set up on Discord immediately for easy communication and a Roll20 campaign set up in a few days with an initial game in maybe a month or so, can be ready much sooner but that depends on my work schedule. Thoughts?

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obviously the lunar republic
Let's pretend that Equestria is in some kind of 'war'.... If you can choose any faction to join, which one would you fight for?
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Name:  Gleaming Song
Age: Young Mare (23)
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Unicorn/Pony
Military Branch applying for OC: Medic
Child Of: Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie
Special Talent: Karaoke, singing, music.
Likes: Hearing music, dancing, happy ponies
Dislikes: Bad music, fighting, sick/hurting ponies

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is singing this in my mecha

Name: Solar Comet
Age: 24
Race: Chang uh I mean Unicorn
likes: Being an inside pony and Prince Lurker of the Changeling's
Dislikes: Everypony

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(Sings want you gone in a GLaDOS voice)

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 Name: Ninja Spy
 Gender: Male
 Age: Fifteen
 Occupation: Assassin and robber 
 Race: Unicorn
 Likes: Gathering wealth 
 Dislikes: Fire

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymJnMSiymUo  lol listen to this it's funny

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guys my weps are these
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