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Since somebody already chose Karin, can I just be Yoshiteru?
Because in my opinion, ALL THINGS MUST PASS!

Yawns I am so bored (Open RP)

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I'm a true Hero chosen by the Taisha.

Name - Miyoshi Karin

Age - Around 14

Gender - Female

Personality - Karin is a tsundere so she has trouble expressing her feelings towards others. Initially, she is only focused on being a strong Hero through training and spends no time to make friends.

Species - Magical Girl

Likes - Fighting, her friends

Dislikes - Being used as a tool, Shinju

Club - Hero Club

Bio - An experienced, but somewhat stubborn hero who transfers into Yūna and Mimori's class and joins the Hero Club to supervise the other heroes. She uses a pair of katanas in her hero form and her familiar is Yoshiteru. Spoiler: In episode 11, as a result of using her Mankai form four times, she loses the use of her right arm, right leg, her hearing and vision.
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