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When a place will be identified as an area, where the ‪#‎criminal‬ activity has been commissioned, this area will be examined by forensic experts. 
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I'm new to this site.  I just found where my grandmother was born after 36 years of searching.  I also found her parents' marriage record.  All this information was found at the Poznan Project website where they are indexing old marriage records.  I have a scan of the records from a LDS microfilm.  The only problem is that I can't read the old German script.  I can read the names, dates and locations, but the other words I can't seem to figure out.  Does anyone read old German script in this community?

Hello, Thank you for allowing me to join. I am looking for my German born ancestors with the surnames Leidecker, Lutz, Rice or Reiss, Alspach or Auerbach on my mother's maternal side and Rieger, Burger, Betz, Butler, on my mother's paternal side. For the Lutz the known area is Bann and Rieger is Stuttgart. Also family came from Black Forst region.
They emigrated from Germany to New York City in th 1880s. 

My German paternal surnames are: LOEWE, KANSTEINER,WICH,BERNINGER.
Unsure of origins of paternal names.  The maternal lines are generally from Nordrhein-Westfalen

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Useful resource to track down male descendants in USA for Y-DNA

Petitions for naturalizations
New additions to SAMPUBCO

CA - San Mateo Co. Vol 3-4 Petitions for Naturalizations (1911-1917) 1416 individuals
DE - Sussex co Vol 1-2 Petitions for Naturalizations (1907-1929) 320 individuals

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Seeking information on the origins of paternal great grandfather, Charles (Karl) Wilhelm Frederick Raser who arrived in the USA from Kurhessen (Hesse) about 1851 after military service in Hesse. His father was reported to be Wm Burkmen.   Y-DNA Haplogroup is G2a3b1a.    

I am seeking out information on the Knights of Aschach ( Germany & Austria) from the 10th to the 12th century AD. Any one with information could you please let me know.

I look forward to seeing contributions and sharing of knowledge from all. cheers
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