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pic 1 = Vinyl and OCs [1-6]]

My pony oc [1] (pic 2)
Full Name - Green Flame
Name -  Flame
Age - 31
Race - Pegaz
likes - loneliness / tea
Dislikes - cold / rain / crowd
gander - stallion
Sexuality - Straight
- born in cloudsdale
- in Age 8 get his CutieMark fordiscovering burning clouds
- in Age 8-14 trave around Equestria doing his studies
- in Age 14 finished studies and set up workshop DoWaldenWarden
- soon after first meet Smith Dust
- in Age 15 fined Ashellie
Now he is: Magick Engineer
cannon relationship non
OC relationship
- father of Glass Flake
- meet some times Neutron Flair in Canterlots library
- frand and work with Smith Dust  and Neutron Flair
- is ok with  Granite Hooves
- don't like Purple Daisy
- frand with Mysterious Cube and Arctic pond and Desert Dash
- ok with Incense Fume  and Sunshine Vibration
- boyfriend of Blue moon (oc by +Blue Moon​​​   )
- cousin of Timer green
- frand with Morning Moor
- cool like cucumber (don't care what other think about him and it's hard to anger him)
- not very speed flyer
- like flying upside-down (head to grow,tail to sky) or other unusual way
- know how to sing
- love sleeping on clouds
My pet
Name Ashellie
Age I can't tell (fully grow biologically but young)
Bio: found and once feeded by me don't want to leave me and I like her, so she became my pet
25th pic come from "avatar legenda aanga'"

My pony oc [2] (pic 3)
Full Name - Smith Dust 
Name - Dust 
Age - 33
Race - Earth pony
likes - weak beer / heat
Dislikes - cold / rain
gander - stallion
job -  smith
Sexuality - Straight
- born in DoWaldenWarden
- he's father learn he how to be smith
- in Age 9 he work hard and get CutieMark
- in Age 14 first meet Green Flame
- now his father is too old to work so he work alone
Now he is: smith / metallurgist
Ablits- resistant to high temperatures (it not that powerful
normal ponies feel best in temperatures 18-22C whan for Lava it's 24-28C and he do cache fier)
Notes - use less tools because his abilities
born and life in DoWaldenWarden
cannon relationship - non
OC relationship
- frand and work with Green Flame and Neutron Flair
- brother of Granite Hooves
- ok with Arctic pond and Mysterious Cube
- in love with UltraViolet Beam
- frand of Purple Daisy and Incense Fume and Desert Dash and Sunshine Vibration
- frand with Morning Moor

My pony oc [3] (pic 4)
Full Name -  Crystal Wave
Name - Crystal
Age - 29
Job / CM - theatrical art
likes - acting like other ponies
dislikes - loneliness
canon relationships - no at all
OC relationships
- frand with Smith Dust and Timer green and Sandstone Strength
- girlfrand of Firestorm Sun (OC by +King Firestorm the ninetailed hedgewolf/Phone Guy​​​  )
- born in DoWaldenWarden
- in Age 8 get her CutieMark
- in Age 9 first meet Boiling Lava
- in Age 10 earn first money on theatrical art
- in Age 11 start living on her own by her own house
Cutie Mark meaning
- she find out in her school is theatrical club she get interested and join
- soon she  find out she love it
- two months later she pick up roll where her character have dissociative disorder this was very difficult but she work hard and she done it, after play she find out she love play this character and she get her Cutie Mark
name - RiGBY
age - 25
gander - male
race - cat...sort of
bio when Crystal was 18 she adopt him from shelter
26th pic

My pony oc [4] (pic 5)
Full Name - UltraViolet Beam
Name - UltraViolet
Nick Name - UltraV / UV / V
Age - 31
Race - unicorn
Home - ponyville 
likes - musick (techno / rock / dubstep)
Dislikes - silence
gander - mare
job - work with lights on concerts and parties
Sexuality - bisexuality but prefer females
born and life in DoWaldenWarden
cannon relationship no at all
OC relationship
- in love with Smith Dust
- frand with Purple Daisy and Morning Moor
- frand and work with Sunshine  Vibration
- born in DoWaldenWarden
- in age 7 get CutieMark whan she ask pony seting up lights effect for party tp let her play and she was really good at it
(rainbow Cutie Mark come from playing with light not dumb stuff many other people's put under Cutie Marks like this)

My pony oc [5] (pic 6)
Name - Swan
title - king of *DoWaldenWarden
age - archeint (over 100)
race - unicorn
role - ruling and keeping save **DoWaldenWarden
Sexuality - Straight (but don't he don't think about it)
personality - hard ass who pushes everyone to work without mercy. Has a weakness for gold... oh and the Princess hes holding captive has a golden mane?
gander - Stallion
OC relationship
respeckted by all ponies of **DoWaldenWarden
Smith Dusts father - don't like him because he puche **boiling lava to work to harde (in his opinon)
Smith Dust -  respeckt him as ruler and have no proble with hard work
he - don't really care about Smith Dusts father but see Smith Dust as his "royal"  Smith Metallurgist in future
cannon relationship
Celestia - respeckt
Luna - meet onlye with Celestia
Cadence - business opponent
Twilight - only heard about
- borne in Canterlot
- in age 10 the forge of first sword and he get his Cutie Mark for it
- 12 - 56 years old work hard and get a lot of promotions
- in age 40 his fater dide
- in age 44 his mother died
- in age 56 Celestia sead hin to tahe care of DoWaldenWarden
- he was nt ready to become ruler and he ended up being corrupted
- inage 61 first meet Smith Dust

My pony oc [6] (pic 7)
Full Name - Granite Hooves
Name - Granite
Race - Earth pony
Gender - stallion
Age - 35
Job / CM - Mining
likes - Mining, his Helmet and coffee
dislikes - sun light
Sexuality - Straight
canon relationships - no at all
OC relationships
- brother of Smith Dust
- is ok with Green Flame and Purple Daisy
- best friend with Arctic pond, Emerald Luck and Sandstone Strength
- don't like Incense Fume
- born in DoWaldenWarden
- in Age 9 Cutie Mark story happend
- in Age 12 stars living on his own
Cutie Mark story
One day **Galgadorian Minecart (friend of his dad) come to hes home and bring his nining helmet. He got very interested in helmet and pony who own it so he ask a lot of questions. After Minecart tell him all about his job (mining) Granite decide he want to be mine as well so he put Minecarts helmet on and say he will never is take off. Minecart let him keep helmet. Next day at school ever pony ask him why he is wearing mining helmet so he told everypony he want to be miner. Most ponies say he go crazy but he don't change his mind and naxt time when Minecart come to his home, he ask him to if he can be miner. Minecart agree to show him how mining look like. Granite appear to be really good at it and whan he full his first carriage he get his Cutie Mark*
important notes
 - many ponies made fun of him because he is shorter than his brother
- he wear his helmet everywhere (just like AJ het)
- he spend most time in underground world but his family not so they don't meet so many time (he came outside sometimes but not so often)
- he is way stronger than he look like
- he take the helmet off sometime, (to sleep, on important ceremony, to take shower and so on..) he where it like AJ shes hat (mtah mean mots time you see him in this helmet)
- other ponies ask him to take off helmet more times but he is possessed on this point

My pony oc [7] (pic 8)
Full Name - Arctic pond
Name - Arctic
Age - 28
Race - Pegaz
likes - snow / cold / water
Dislikes - *winter wrap up day / summer / heat*
gander - mare
Sexuality - Straight
- born in small village near crystal empire
- in age 3 first play with making snow (with lot of help from parents)
- in age 5 first help with *winter set up day
- in age 9 first time works as hard as adults  in **winter set up day
- in age 10 Cutie Mark story happend
- in age 11 **Granite Hooves show her ice cave
Cutie Mark story
She saw advertisement telling *'we need pegazus to help at winter set up day in DoWaldenWarden'* so she did to move there and get job. When first look at DoWaldenWardenshe she was like 'this place is terrible is winter but no snow'** but she stay here anyway and next season winter in DoWaldenWarden wa as good as she expect. She thought everything is perfect but than come winter wrap up day and she was like 'I want to keep all this snow'** but Swan is hard hand ruler so she was not able to. She was so upset she lock herself in home and she made a lot of snow inside and she was like 'I stay here for ever' and this made her realize how she love snow and get her Cutie Mark*
canon relationships - remember Cadenas as great ruler
OC relationships
- frand with Green Flame, Zeppelin Lightness, Mysterious Cube and Incense Fume
- crush on Granite Hooves
- weird looking at Smith Dust
- well know  Timer green
sister of Nightwing (OC by +cortana spartan​​ )
her pet
Name snow
gender feamle
age young
specie unknow
Arctic was walking around when she start to follow, Arctic find out her really cute so she become her now pet
pic 34

My pony oc [8] (pic 9)
Full Name - Purple Daisy
Name -  Daisy
Age - 34
Race - Deer
likes - flowers / night sky
Dislikes - alcohol / steam / being dirty
gander - mare
Sexuality - Straight
cannon relationship - no at all
OC relationship
- don't like Green Flame
- frand with Smith Dust and Incense Fume and Morning Moor
- ok with Granite Hooves and Neutron Flair
- frand with UltraV
- married with of *Mysterious Cube
- well know **Timer green
- sister of **Sunshine Vibration
- born in DoWaldenWarden
- in age 16 first and  second meeting with **Mysterious Cube
- in age 18 marry with **Mysterious Cube

My pony oc [9] (pic 9)
Full Name - Mysterious Cube
Name -  Cube
Age - 35
Race - unicorn
likes - learning now ticks / making illusions
Dislikes - when somepony understand his illusions
gander - stallion
Sexuality - Straight
cannon relationship - no at all
OC relationship
blrder of **Neutron Flair
- frand with Green Flame and Incense Fume
- ok with Smith Dust and Sunshine Vibration
- frand with Arctic pond
- frand with Crystal Wave
- married with Purple Daisy
- born in Ponyville
- in age 9 Cutie Mark story happend
- in age 11 start traveling around equestria making illusion shows
- in age 17 first and  second meeting with **Purple Daisy
- in age 19 marry with **Purple Daisy
Cutie Mark story
Cub ehe prepare liaison (illusions = week speel looking like very power full one) show for school talent show, but no metter how amazing tick he come out with it wasn't enoght, but in last momet he gat and idea so he made mysterious cube wiche he use to made more amazing thicks he ever done and after show his  Cutie Mark appert

Daisy and Cube first meeting story
Cutie Mark come to DoWaldenWarden to show ponies his illusions and he was about to go somewhere else. But at last show when poison starts leaving he saw one pony (Daisy) don't move so he came closest to check why. He was really closer who Rose kiss him and fly away blushing deep red
Daisy and Cube second meeting story
3 days after first meeting Daisy was in home whan some pony knock to her doors. Whan she open Cube kiss her, that stay like this some time looking on each other. Whan cube was about to walk away Rose stop him and they from now they are toggender (cube stay in DoWaldenWarden)

My pony oc [10] (pic 10)
Full Name - ocean pearl
Name - ocean
age - 17
CM - pearl
talent - finding pearls
- born in DoWaldenWarden
- in Age 8 get her CutieMark
CM story
she was on boat whan she look in water and see some thing is blink she dive to find it. it was pearl
canon relationships - no at all
OC relationships
- son of Mysterious Cube and Purple Daisy
- really like Arctic?

My pony oc [11] (pic 11)
Full Name - Frozen Pigeon 
Name - Frozen
Age - 17
Race - earth pony
likes - archer / sea / pearls
Dislikes - being dirty / cinnamon
gander - mare
Sexuality - Straight
- born in small village near crystal empire
- in age 9 win young archers competition and get her Cutie Mark
- in age 12 move to DoWaldenWarden
canon relationships - no at all
OC relationships
- is trying to get heart of Ocean Pearl
- creeped out of * Green Flame
- friend with Blueberry Pastry, Glass Flake and Sandstone Strength

My pony oc [12] (pic 12)
Full Name - Timber green
Name - Timber
Age - 31
Race - Earth pony
likes - strong beer / his job
Dislikes - storms / swamps
gander - stallion
job -  woodcutter
Sexuality - Straight
- born in DoWaldenWarden
- in Age 9 he work hard and get CutieMark
cannon relationship - non
OC relationship
- frand Smith Dust and Crystal Wave
- cousin of Green Flame
- well know Arctic pond and Purple Daisy
- frand with  Morning Moor

my pony OC [13] (pic 13 and 14)
full name - Sunshine  Vibration
name - Sunshine
nick name - Sun
age - 31
gander - stallion
Sexuality - Straight
job - audio engineer (it real job but it's uncommon even between humans
likes - reggea / it
dislikes - silence / writing
cannon relationship not at all
OC relationship 
- work with UltraV but don't really like parting with her*
- brother of Purple Daisy
- ok with Smith Dust and Mysterious Cube
friend with Morning Moor
born in DoWaldenWarden
- in Age 9 *Cutie Mark story happend*
Cutie Mark story
He was working with sound system for school play but even when everyone tells him everything is perfect he will feel like he can made it better so her read book called "audio engineering first steps" and he use all this in this book to make school play better than ever before

my pony OC [14] (pic 15)
full name - Desert Dash
name - Desert
age - 44
gander - stallion
Sexuality - Straight
job - own transport firm called *Desert Dash industries
likes - runing / desert sand
dislikes - rine
cannon relationship no at all
OC relationship 
- frand of Smith Dust, Emerald Luck and Green Flame
other relationship meet a lot of ponies but don't remember them
- born in DoWaldenWarden
- in Age 8 get his Cutie Mark for wining young runner comepison
- in age 22 starts frim

my pony OC [15] (pic 16 and 17)
full name - Incense Fume
name - Incense
nick name - cense
age - 31
gander - mare
Sexuality - Straight
job - making incenses
likes - incenses / tes
dislikes - beeing wet
cannon relationship no at all
OC relationship 
- frand of Mysterious Cube and Purple Daisy and Green Flame and Arctic pon and Morning Moor and Sandstone Strength
- don't like Granite Hooves
- ok with Smith Dust
- born in DoWaldenWarden
- in Age 10 get her Cutie Mark

my pony OC [16] (pic 18)
Full Name Blueberry Pastry
Name Blueberry
Nicnk Name Blue / berry
Talent making preparations out of blueberries
Age 16
Race - Unicorm
likes - preparations
Dislikes -  biscuits
gander - mare
Sexuality - Straight
- born in DoWaldenWarden
- in Age 9 her grandmother show her how to made  preparations and it's how she get her CM
canon relationships - no at all
OC relationships
- friend with Frozen Pigeon
- really like Arctic pond
- friend with close Glass Flake
- she is mute
- but she care arond some sand to mad pictograms and text

My pony oc [17] (pic 27)
Full Name - Neutron Flair
Name - Neutron
Nick Name - Neu
Gender - male
Age - 32 
Talent - quantum physics
Sexuality - Straight
Race -  Earth pony
likes - science / reading
dislikes - history / noise
cannon relationship - non
OC relationship
- meet Green Fame in some of Canterlots librarys
- brother of Mysterious Cube
- work with Smith Dust and Green Flame
- ok with Granite Hooves and Purple Daisy
- born in Canterlot
- in age 9 get his CM in shool  by winning competition
- in age 13 finish studies
- in age 15 move to DoWelDenWarDen for job

My pony oc [18] (pic 28)
Name: Steam Head
Gender: non, call male
Age: 16years (on paper) 13years (fist prototype) 7years (oldes pars used in him) 5years (version hi is now) 2days (outside testing area)
Sexuality: no
Race: pony bot
Likes: no
Dislikes: no
made by: Trinity Mind (Neutron Flair &  Green Flame & Smith Dust) as an experiment/self challenge
technical info
- cristal(magic) engine and processor in head
- spinning(magic) engine in body
- additional steam (no magic) engine in bode
- hydraulic muscles
- dosen't work well under 0 C° and to use  steam engine
- can't work under 10 C°
what temperature is higher steam engine use less fule but need more water
- don't have magic (magic engines use enchanted materials)
- can be really strong if use  steam engine
- wwater won't damage him but he may need to sure steam engine for extra heating
- have free will and own mind but can't ignore order of anypony from Trinity Mind
- made up
- pass all tests
- send to be stated in work
name story
Flame and Neu nade plans and show it to Dust.
"hahaha steam engine in ass how you are going to call him Steam Ass" say Dust as he fall on ground laughing. Flame smile and say "well it's sute well but we can't use it" "so we will call him Steam Head even if he don't have steam in head" Neu continue.
Voice (not made by me, it's from game league of legends, like to side of game

My pony oc [19] (pic 29)
Full Name - Morning Moor
Name - Moor
Gender - mare
Age - 22
CM heather on sun shaped like heart place like is stapling it (that's that I was tring to do)
Talen - cheering up pones
Job - help ponies get out of depresion
Race - Bakenekony
she was born in Mako her live was pretty normal. Whan she was 9 she get her CM soon after her famill decide to move to DoWaldenWarden and she get a lot of frand ther. 2 year leter she hear about changelings  tacok on  Mako but now her don't show and grief his in publuck only her aslustet frends know how harde for her is to face it
relationships with canon - non
 relationships with OCs
friend with UV,  Daisy, Dust, Cense, Sun, Green Flame aSandstone Strength and Timber

My pony oc [20] (pic 26)
Name - Rengar
Gender - stallion
Age - 30 (he don't know it, he think he is 28)
talnt/job - hunting
Race - Bakenekony
he don't know his parend where he was born, we grow up with lions, whan he was 5 (he think he was 6) he mettpony who call himself King of hunting, King, Rengar start to treat him like father but King never let him to call him this way. Rengar's CM appeared when (he was 9 and this what he was thinking) learn everything and first time hunt on hin one, King was waching him whole time, but whan Rengar get victim(in this exact CM appeared) he was gone, this is when Rengar is hunting every pony hoping to meet king one more time. He spend this way pest of his life. In age 18(he think he was 19) Reangar find openet he can not defined Kha'Zix (bug pony,same as pegasus just other wings) battle end up by draw, Rengar lost eye and Kha'Zix wing. Reanger Naver stop hunting but now he know politick a bit better
- he never kill somone weak, all he want to prove to be best hunter
- every time he defeat someone stronger he take a trophe
- nopony know where is his den (he don't live in DoWaldenWarden
- he know how use bollas
- his battle roar can hurt ears
- he isn't 100% OC I base him on this (
- and this is how he sound like

My pony oc [21] (pic 30)
Full Name moonrise flour
Name moonrise
Nick Name moonrise
Gender mare
Age 24
Race Gryffon
Sexuality bi
- born in DoWaldenWarden
- in gar 10 she interested in Flames job but soon he resus to keep teaching her because he think she may use this knowledge incorrect or purposely hur some on
- in reast of her live she was tring to get more knowledge but she don't get a lot
cannon relationship  non
OC relationship
- know Green Flame (looks at bio)
- Rengar hunt her but one he get her he let get go  because he don't hunt week (she was 12 when it heppend)

My pony oc [22] (pic 31)
Full Name: Glittering Feather
Name Glittering
Nick Name Gilt
Talent/job he made jewelry
Age 34
Race Pegaz
likes every thing what is glittering
Dislikes  gray
Gander stallion
Sexuality* Straight
cannon relationship non
OC relationship
- friend with Flame, Zeppelin and Moor and _ Arctic_
He was born in Cloudsdale, and it's where he he his CM and fist time meet Flame. They where good frands but Gilt soon move to DoWaldenWarden  because we couldn't reason enough in monay in Cloudsdale. When Flame move to DoWaldenWarden as well he don't recognize Gilt at first but ones they talk Flame was sure he will stay
CM story
Gilt still was pretty jung but he was really determined to get his CM so we was working on sating up winter with adults. He was last to stop walking but snow storm which they begin luckly he have anoght time hide in cave, but show lock exit so he was stuck. He was walking around cave kicing stone in anger " I'd come home in time now I'm stuck". He got really bored when he saw some thing shining. He pick up stoe and he saw it's about to break into halves so hi start hiting it with other one, soon stone break and he saw butterfly crystal in it. He was make jewelry out of it in rest of time, just to pass the time and when finally some pony fine him he was sting with lot of jewelry and CM on his flank

My pony oc [23] (pic 32)
Full Name Sandstone Strengt
Name Sandstone
Nick Name Sand
job hired by Desert Dash industries
Age 20 
Species minotaur
likes heat / being dry
Dislikes  water
Gander Male
Sexuality Straight
cannon relationship non
OC relationship
- hired by Desert Dash
- best frend of Granite Hooves
- frend with Frozen Pigeon and Incense Fume and Crystal Wave and Morning Moor
Born in small patch of minotaurs nomads but his falimy was very poor so they lef him in box under doors to someponie home(in Dodge Junction). Family of ponies with fine him and thread like soon. He have almost normal live, sone ponies made funs of him being minotaur but he naver care musche. When we was 9 his famile move to DoWaldenWarden. In age 16 his pounds to him about face he is adopted, it cause him depression, lucky Morning Moor help him out
ring is hanging on his bandaged he use as belt

My pony oc [24] (pic 32)
Full Name Emerald Luck
Name Emerald
Nick Name Emer
Job miner
Talent finding emeralds
Abilities know emeralds finding spell
Age 22
Race Unicorm
likes emeralds
Dislikes dust
Gander stallion
Sexuality straight
canon relationships - no at all
OC relationships
frend of Desert Dash and Granite Hooves
Born in DoWaldenWarden.He was pretty normal pony he walks but one day some of his friend give him spell book(Twilight made this book but it wasd in puplick liblery), he naver was good at magic so he faill all spells, except for one, emeralds finding one. He was so exited about now ability he run in to mineshaft and show they all emeralds and when he was waching all carts full of emeralds his CM appeared on this flank

My pony oc [25] (pic 33)
Full Name Zeppelin Lightness
Name Zeppelin
Nick Name Zappie (almost everpony call her this way)
Job she is making zeppelins
Age 18
Race Earth pony
likes air / shy
Dislikes undeground
Gander mare
Sexuality straight
canon relationships - no at all
OC relationships
frend of Glittering Feather and Arctic pond
She alway wish to be pegasus, but it wasn't what she really want, she just want to be close to sky. Oneday her parents take her on airship trip, and it was what she was dreaming about. She put a lot of work and time to get her own zeppelin, and it was it her destiny, all she was to be close to sky and zeppelins are thing which can give it to her; and that's why it's her CM

My pony oc [26] (pic 35)
Full Name Blue Topaz
Name Blue
Title General
Age 43
Gender stallion
Sexuality Straight
Race Earth pony
likes strategy games
dislikes - unpredictable things
cannon relationship - non
OC relationship
frans with Neutron Flair
work for Swan
His father was soldier, not a high reakt but soldier, he worked for Swan in DoWaldenWarden army. Blue alway like to play strategy game, he was able win with all his classmates but he never won with his father. It wasn't so surprising his father have strategy lessons in his military school, but Blue naver give up. After years of playing games Blue was last in class to not have CM. At same time he start to winning with his father, even more his father can't win with him by any chance. One day Blues father beat with his general, that Blue can win even with him. Game was hard but finally ended my Blues victory, general was so surprised that he can't even say word when Blue was jumping around with his brand-new CM on his flank. Whole armi was walking about it so Blue immediately after finishing school get letter asking him to join military school. He was really successful student and don't need much time to get high position
- when we was filly he used to spend his whole free time on playing strategy games, now it almost same but he go to drink time to time
- he got some scars in combat but he don't want any pony to see it so he covere it in bandages
- as soldier he have to keep his tail shorter than he want

My pony oc [27] (pic 36)
Full Name Glass Flake
Name Glass (Glassie)
Age 19
Gender mare
Sexuality straight
Race pegasus
likes ger own look
dislikes neon colors
Talent/Job makeing crafts out of glass
cannon relationship - non
OC relationship
daughter of Green Flame
close found with Blueberry Pastry
found with _Frozen Pigeon _
Born in DoWaldenWarden. Some ponies bully her because she is albino (they call her Glass Ass or Glass Flank), but she liked her look and find some friends. She find out she is good with glass crafts on school trip. Soon after she made art exposition in her school. Bullies leave her as she became well known in school

now kingdoms
(1) indepandet kingdom of Bakenekonies  - don't exist anymore
short of history
 Celestia offered them joining Equestria but thay don'tagree and that's why they don't get any help when changelings come

now Races
Bakenekonies (made by me and closed)
characteristic - cat ears and tails
abilities (pretty much cats)
- see better at night
- great at keeping balance
- flexible backbone

fiction firms
(1)Desert Dash industries
headquarters in DoWaldenWarden
own by Desert Dash
Buffaloes and Gazelles - 45%
Earth ponies - 20%%
Pegasus - 20%
Unicorns - 10%
Other - 15%
(2) potions and dusts under green wings
own by green Flame
hires nopony

fiction cities
(1) DoWaldenWarden
location - mountains
economy base on ming and working on metals
ruled by - Swan
race %
Earth ponies - 40%
Pegasus - 20%
Unicorns - 25%
Other - 15%
(2)  Mako - don't exist any more
short of history
Mako was  one of cists in indepandet kingdom of cat ponies

(1) Neutron Flair &  Green Flame & Smith Dust
name trinity mind
focus on science
(2) Sun  & UV
name party duo
focus on making parties

pic 19 = Dust and UV
pic 20 = Flame and BLue
pic 21 = Dust and UV
pic 22 = Crystal
pic 23 = Smith Dust 
OCs - Pre 2015-10-15
23 Photos - View album

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Name: Water swirl
Age: 15
Race: Unicorn
Cake type: cream cake
likes: Piano, friends, Luna &music
Dislikes: Bullies, gangsters and Satan.
Bio: as she was 3, she was left in the orphanage. she ran away from the village in the age of 8 and that time she was about to sleep, she heard pony's playing piano and she took classes if she could. She was very skinny that time and some pony was very kind to offer her some food and she loved water.

eating in the restaurant then suddenly see someone hot I LOVE YOU!! runs to him and hugs him
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