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This is my first poll so I hope you'll like it!
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My has it been awhile since I've​ got back on sorry for leaving you! My Chromebook broke and I didn't know how to find this on my phone but I finally got it! Thank you ALL for sticking around I know it's been boring but I will try to lighten things up! And please if you have ideas or suggestions for this community to make it funner please tell me in the comments I would really appreciate it! Love you and again thank you so much! 💖

So as you can see I changed the name. if your wondering why its because i like anime and theres really nothing people like about past lifes or anything so I changed it to anime cuz thats what everybody likes including me!XD

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My past life isn't all good, but I know it was worth it . Anyway, I really love anime, and I will probably post most things I draw on here ( if that's OK with you)
BTW , this is view out my back window, do you think its pretty?😁

i know it late but we need to do something for valentines day,so i was doing some thinking......and thoght of nothing so what do you guy's think we should do? just let me know in the comments or something!XD

Thank you so much for joining us +Anayla Cruz rolon!

Thank you so much for joining us +Ivy Nexxus!

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Happy Valentines Day! love you all:)
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thankyou so much for joining +Cameron Glenn

Okay im new at this but i will try my best:)Let me tell you a little about myself: Im a girl,I like anime,Ilike cats,and I have a past life memory:)Okay now on to the rules: please no violence,you dont have to have a past life memory to join,you can draw anime if you want,you tell your ideals about books or manga or something, and well thats all that i can think of right now and remember NO VIOLENCE PLEASE.thankyou:)
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