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Hello there and welcome to universe high/college

I am Sama'el the owner of this fine school

We welcone you to this community/school
And have the most greatest tine even here in this school ..... now please don't start drama here in this community/school....or...I'll kick you're ass out that is it now
so please enjoy yourself here!

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walks around the school fields watching everything

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is out in the training fields training with a chaos daemon in my Lizard warlord form

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Student Profile Template!

Name: Sanserif
Alias: Sans,The Blue Light and The Invincible Samurai
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Monster,Skeleton

[Spirit Blasters]
Sanserif's blasters fire a light blue beam,turning to dust almost anything in its way. But if he shoots it to himself,his speed,strength,defence and attack will boost up incredibly high

[Folder Of Destruction]
Sanserif only uses the folder of his Katana,he doesn't take out his Katana until it's really necessary. The folder it's indestructible by itself since its made of the same material as his Katana,which is unknown

When his folder brights light blue,he will smash it on the ground,making a large light blue shockwave that if it hits his enemy,the enemy attacks and defence will go down dramatically

[Eye Of Everything]
Thanks to Sanserif's light blue eye on his left eye,he can absorb the positive energy,boosting up his stats dramatically. He also is invulnerable to Visual Techniques and is able to feel anyone's Soul,even if the enemy doesn't have any


[Bone Hardening]
A very unique ability,Sanserif can harden his bones to the point they become as hard as a diamond

[Last Slash]
Sanserif's special attack. This an Last Resource attack,so he won't use it just like that. He will take out his Katana which will be surrounded by a light blue Aura and with a single slash,the universe will be cut in half

Weaknesses: He only has 1HP and the only way to hurt him is with sharp weapons

Skills: Sanserif is incredibly good with his Katana and an expert on dodging

Weapons: His Katana

Personality: Sanserif is like a sage monk. He's kind,friendly,intelligent,a gentleman,can be lazy and serious once angered. Fun Fact: He has a curse,making him smile no matter what happens

Likes: Sanserif likes peaceful and silent places,meet new people,Soy Sauce and puns

Dislikes: He dislikes loud places,mean and cocky people and hates those who threatens his loved ones

Class: Mods will handle it.


Hair color: None
Eye color: White dots or a larger light blue in the left eye
Height: 5'0
Weight: 50 Kg
Tattoos: None
Blood type: None

Dad: W.D Gaster (Supposedly Dead)
Mom: Disappeared
Brother: None
Sister: None

Mentor: Gaster
Best friend: Gurirubi,Guri for short
Enemies: None

~Love Life~
Sexuality: Straight
Lover: None
Crush: None
Relationship Status: Single

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Thx for the invite
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