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Welcome to the Community!

This is a community where we discuss supers gaming with FAE (Fate Accelerated Edition).

Why FAE? Because the system is designed around the approach that characters use to solve problems, vs creating rankings for each specific power and skill the character might possess. In my experience, it's a perfect system for capturing the fast and furious feel of four-color adventures.

Do you have questions? Ask em! Do you have feedback, gameplay experiences or some cool super-heroic themed stuff you like to share? Then share away!

This community has no requirements apart from awesomeness. If you want to share something awesome, or you are looking for assistance in being more awesome, you have found the right place: welcome, young hero. You are among friends. 


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just released this Supers toolkit for pickup Fate Core games...if there's any interest - I can probably persuade the writer to do a quick FAE conversion - let me know what you guys think

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Hey y'all! Anyone still around here?

I'm wanting to start a PbP supers game. I'm thinking a Hero High (a la Mutants and Masterminds) and Xavier Institute type setting.

Any interest?

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Inspired by the art in the Fate Toolkit's magic chapter I have been wanting to set up a high fantasy game with powerful wizards defending and threatening the realm.
I want to keep it as streamlined as possible but more detailed that a single aspect.
I think power facts will be a great way to present the different arts of magic.
To keep it simple I am thinking of making a massive list of types of magic (necromancy, elementalism, divination, scrying, summoning, illusions, alchemy etc), letting the players start with three arts and gain more through play at certain milestones.
Has anyone done anything like this already?

Is anyone interested a game of FC FAE?

I am looking foward to giving this a try.

Venture City add anything usable to 4CFAE?

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The BAMFSIES poll for best superhero rpg release of 2015 is live and Four-Color FAE is on the list. Please check it out and support 4CFAE

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I had meant to post this yesterday for Veteran's Day, but life got the better of me.
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