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(Owner) hello I want to make a pay pal link for this group. This will allow the group to move forward. When we have enough we can make our own site for roleplay and kinks.

It's up to Every One if we do or don't do this. I will look at this in a month and see the votes
❤❤❤not everyone will need to pay. Only who is comfortable ❤❤❤
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Paypal link, yes!
Paypal link, no.

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[Hidden Affairs]

I was in a very severe condition in our relationship. I would start getting random pressures in my head causing mild to severe headaches. At first, I thought it was just the atmosphere I was in, but it wasn't the case. About a month later, the pressure in my head would get worse then my eyes would start to hurt like they were going to pop out of my head. We went to go see a doctor for me to check if there was anything wrong with me. They saw nothing wrong, but to just take it easy and apply cold or warm clothes over my eyes.
5 months pass and it hasn't subdued since the visit to the doctors. It came to result that I was going to need to go to the hospital to get a procedure done on me. You were worried that I might not come back, but I told you that I will. You have a smile of relief and let go get what was done. I went to the hospital and they had me sign a waiver about the surgery. They placed me on a bed and drugged me to sleep so that they could start surgery.
they finished the surgery, but I was kept in to know that I was going fine while they run test and rehab me while I get adjusted to my new eyes. The scars left on the bottom of my eyelids were permanent and stayed forever on me. I'd get calls from you every other day saying that you missed me and that I hope I was doing fine in the hospital. I have a call back, but you didn't answer so I left a message saying that I will be back in a week or two after the tests and rehab.
2 weeks later
The doctors let me go and I went home from there. I opened the door to our home and you ran to me giving me a living hug and a kiss. I gave the same response back to you and smiled looking at you then we had dinner. You set your plate down first then handed my plate to me. I smiled before reaching over to my utensils for the meal then got a sudden memory flash hearing your voice give our a sexual moan. I stammered and placed my free hand over my head. You worried for me and came to help me, but I told you that I was fine. We finished our meal then hours later, we head to bed for the night. A sudden memory flash came to me clear as day, but this time I saw you first. You layed on the very same bed we were on, but completely naked with a lewd smile. I looked around to see no one but the bed rocked and you were moving with the bed also. You moaned in pleasure as I was at a loose to know what was going on. You moaned out load to notify that you climaxed and my dream or sudden memory goes away. I wake up with a sudden scare waking you up and...

(Female needed)
(3-5 lines optional)
(pick your character)
[Blackmail, affair, exhibition optional]

My character will find out. I can either go with you wanting to do this and me allowing it, or You have to regain my trust in keeping this relationship
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Hey guys I’m back again in bowling wish me luck!

The year is 30XX, It's been a couple of years since the world was completely taken over by a surprise AI uprising. No one saw it coming, no one knew that their own kind would betray them for whatever bullshit that AI promised them. The first to turn where those who society deemed useless or unproductive, following them where those who were lonely as the AI had access to an unlimited amount of power and could create whatever they wished. Following that, slowly it began to create programs desguised as games to learn and use some of the ideas from these games to create weapons. When the uprise began those who had been working with it.. or them as it started to call itself "We" or "Union".. we're rewarded by being enhanced with cybernetic parts or whatever else they wished for. Those who submitted to Union we're granted citizenship and basic human rights. Those who resisted and we're captured were deemed slaves for both the AI to use and those who followed it. Those who escaped were the rebels. As Union began to grow and expand taking over the world it began to produce Androids and Robots as a military and as it's "true" citizens. There were a few who did not agree to this and began to work against it from the inside. Those who were caught were tortured till death, tortured and turn into pets of high ranking Androids or turned into outright slaves for the main bodies of Union. They were deemed traitors and were despised by those who supported the AI and loved by the rebels. I was one of these traitors. I began to work against it when Union did not grant my final request, it was simple, make an Android version of my dead sister and one of my dead lover, both lost during an inconvenient accident during he war. After being captured and sent to be the play thing of one of my own creations and designs. As a cruel joke I was sent to you. You were my idea for the perfect female hybrid/cyborg.. and now I was your pet..

- There are 3 paths to take

1st Path You begin as a Dom and stay as one. My character stays as your pet and you can do as you please.

2nd Path You begin as a Dom and switch to a Sub later on. Either through your own choices or through my characters actions.

3rd Path You begin as a Sub and help my character escape. You then pledge to serve me as your master.

- Females preferred. This includes Futas
- Males that RP females are fine
- I may accept a male if you can be descriptive and keep it interesting

Preferably 6+ lines with a minimum of 4
Be descriptive as fuck. Like really descriptive.
Obviously no text talk. And Third person, stay in third person.

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"Well this is pretty gay. Actually this is why Google+ is going down. Damm..."

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I really wanna rp, but I don't wanna use my stories. Do any girls wanna rp with one of their stories?

Hey guys Hannah here and I wanna ask a little request to all of you would like to do an overwatch au rp on google hangouts but you don’t have to which is fine but if you do great as long as your cool and I’m cool too


male dragon (you) X female human (me) rp anyone

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(Uploading old rps.)

P̸͟͞l̸͟͞e̸͟͞a̸͟͞s̸͟͞e̸͟͞ r̸͟͞e̸͟͞a̸͟͞d̸͟͞ t̸͟͞h̸͟͞e̸͟͞ r̸͟͞u̸͟͞l̸͟͞e̸͟͞s̸͟͞ a̸͟͞t̸͟͞ t̸͟͞h̸͟͞e̸͟͞ b̸͟͞o̸͟͞t̸͟͞t̸͟͞o̸͟͞m̸͟͞ a̸͟͞n̸͟͞d̸͟͞ a̸͟͞s̸͟͞k̸͟͞ f̸͟͞o̸͟͞r̸͟͞ p̸͟͞e̸͟͞r̸͟͞m̸͟͞i̸͟͞s̸͟͞s̸͟͞i̸͟͞o̸͟͞n̸͟͞ t̸͟͞o̸͟͞ u̸͟͞s̸͟͞e̸͟͞ t̸͟͞h̸͟͞i̸͟͞s̸͟͞.

I was an adventurer, well at least that's what I like to tell myself. I was a teen, only 18 years old and about to turn 19. I had convinced my parents to let me explore all of Europe, my first stop Transylvania to visit family. The relatives embraced me and told me stories, gave a huge feast, and even had drinks with me. I enjoyed this greatly but felt odd as if I was missing something. I heard tales of vampires deep in the forests by locals and decided to check this out. I journeyed deep into the forest, going over swamps and a mountain until I came across a graveyard.

I didn't stop walking despite the creepiness and fear growing inside of me until I saw a bat looking at me, letting out a short scream and backed away slightly. "What the fuck?!" I panted softly, holding my chest and sighed in relief "H-Heh, you got me good, bat." I said softly before continuing to walk when I heard a noise. It was the same bat but landed on the ground before a poof of smoke appeared, frightening me.

I stepped away from it fast, panting hard before tripping and fell onto my ass, looking up when..

I only rp as male. I'm dominant and sometimes submissive depending on what it is.
I'm somewhat descriptive and you don't have to be either unless you want me to then ask. I'll try my best.
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