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1: Be kind to all. Words can hurt as much as a sword.
2: No foul language is to be directed to a fellow member unless you're in a PP
3: Treat those around you fairly.
4: No nude photos of real life people. Hentai and ecchi are ok.
5: Have fun and follow the rules. Breaking the rules will result in a ban.
Could you help this community grow? It would be a big help. More people means a better group... What I am saying is anyone who joins is amazing!

Thank you and have fun x

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Mom×Son Rp

(Y/N) was my hot and sexy mother and i was your 16yr old son me and you lived together since dad left us when i was 6 you've had multiple Boyfriends the last 10yrs but decided you wanted me and me only one day before i come home from school you are wearing a sexy school girl outfit(like the one in the photo)And waited for me to come home when i got home you then....

Long Term Rp
Female Needed to Rp as the Mother who is loving and caring but also Dominate and sunductive
Will Rp with Futas as well

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Serie Wet Wet Wet (1/4)
Its a warm day, Daddy asked me to water the garden. I did my best but the pipe is heavy and i'm all wet now but its fun with that weather.
(you can be my Dad, my Bro, my Uncle, my neighbour, a gardener or someone else)

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~Welcome to the Jungle~
It's mating season!

We have a fine variety of four stories. We require you to read everything otherwise you will be ignored.

Please comment the passcode of the story you want to rp and other required information.

Note: these stories can be slow, it doesn't have to go straight to sex, type waitasecond if you want to take it slow and I'll edit the plot a little.

Plot 1: Gorilla madness (Rape)
Tara was a scientist who studied hybrids. She traveled to an jungle p,island to check for any new hybrids. She's was traveling around the Jungle and stumbled upon a random gorilla (you). The gorilla charged at her and...
Passcode: VirginScientist

Plot 2: Gorilla madness (Not rape)
Tara was a scientist who studied animal reproduction. Recently she volunteered to become a test subject. She was covered in fruit juice and a delicious banana had been inserted into her pussy. You, a gorilla, stumbled upon her, hungry and ready for mating season.
Passcode: SluttySmartass

Plot 3: Passion fruit
Tara raised you since you were a baby gorilla. It's been about 6 years and you were already a big matured gorilla. You wanted to do something special for Tara, you wanted to deepen th relationship. Tara was unaware so when she came to feed you, she was surprised by your change in action. As Tara filled your plate, you...
Passcode: MayiHaveABite

Plot 4: Queen of the jungle (Gangbang)
A gorilla, snake and a tiger wander onto a girl who's been masterbating. They didn't know she was doing this to lure them, yet they fell for the trap.
((You can play as more different animals to keep the story more interesting. Play at least 2 animals))
Passcode: PartyAnimals

~4-5+ Lines
~No text talk
~Reply at least once every 5 hours unless you're sleeping
~If I abandon the rp, do not convice me to stay
~The rp will be abandoned after 2 days of inactivity
~Comment jungletime if you read the rules or you'll be ignored
~Try to be descriptive, don't be repetitive
~NO scat, death/injuring
~Bondage will limit my movements
~Comment imreadyforthejungle if you read ALL the rules or you'll be ignored

+1 means I have read your comment, you followed the rules, and I'll be sending you a pp
no hangouts

Sorry for being complicated but I hate it when people don't listen and ruin the fun.
((I also have the unblurred photo of the gorilla if you want it when I pp you))
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Here's one of my rps from my new Hentai Stories circle. If you want to see the rest let me know and I'll be happy to add you. Girls only
//Pleasure Station~ Pt 1\\

You're a new girl to Pleasure Station. You had heard the rumors and wanted to experince it for yourself, so you decided it would attract some attention if you wore your uniform even though today was Sunday. You had been riding for about 3 stops now and no one had bothered you yet still the thought that anyone could take you at any moment aroused you as started to masturbate secretly. At that moment I approached you. I was fairly new to this line myself and was trying to find someone who was in my same place in hopes of making it easier on myself
"Excuse me kitten~ But do you by any chance need a hand~?"
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Would anyone like to roleplay?
I'm ok with anyone as long as they're dominant~
And please don't text talk
Use actual words and good grammar
And be descriptive! 2 lines at the minimum

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I'm looking for a submissive female slave~❤️
Must be descriptive, playful, dirty, and must be okay with futa play~
You must be willing to do whatever I ask of you~
Comment down bellow if you're interested in having some fun with me~❤️

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[100% loaded]
[Overwatch RP]

[Please choose the plots you want to do by typing the codeword listed below the plot and which character you want to be]

Plot 1: Mei's vistor
Mei was trudging in the snow outside her igloo until you approached her. Your skin was freezing so Mei decided to help you. She bought you inside and into her lap as if you were a child. She took of her coat and covered you. She then lifted up her undershirt revealing her breast. Let me warm you up~
Heros: All; Solider 76, Hanzo, McCree, Reinhardt or Roadhog
Codeword: 1Personalheater

Plot 2: Two cups of tea
Mei invited Mercy over for some tea. Unexpectedly, Mercy brought an unwanted vistor with her who neex healing. Nonetheless, she invited them both inside. After making the tea, Mei found Mercy sucking on your cock. Mai layed down the tray and shook her head. She approached you guys. Tsk, you forgot the sugar~
Heros: Hanzo, McCree, or Roadhog
Codeword: Sugarplease

Plot 3: Please have Mercy!
Recently heros have been injured and some have even died, only a few remained. Mercy came to check up on you. You had sent a message that you need healing. She knocked on your door and hollered your name.
Heros: Solider 76, Hanzo, McCree or Roadhog
Codeword: Flyingslutatmydoor

[3-4+ lines]
[No text talk and please don't just say fucks you, keeps thrust, grunts a little then countines at least try to describe what's happening; My cock twitches before my semen releases... ]
[Comment ireadtherules or you'll be ignored]

[If I abandon the rp, I'm abandoning it, don't try to convince me otherwise]
[At least be active (around 5hrs max for one comment) unless you're sleeping]
[No scat, death, or injuring]
[Comment ireallyread the rules or you'll be ignored]
[If you do bondage, it does limit my movements]

[You do NOT have to rp exactly like the characters, this is my first Mei rp]
[You can roleplay as any other male ow characters such as reaper but I will only be roleplay Mei or Mercy. I may make a widowmaker plot, if you want]

[50% logging out]

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Old Friends and New People


"Doctor (L/N), we have an emergency patient needing you, Doctor (L/N), there is an emergency patient. Thank you."

Paged a secretary. (F/N) sighed and grabbed their clipboard. It was around three in the morning, and the hospital was silent besides the occasional cough. They made their way to the ER, trying to think of what it might be. Perhaps it was just someone with a virus, or maybe it was a heart attack. Nothing could prepare them for what they seen.

Lying in a hospital bed was Hibiscus Jones, a girl he/she went to school with. They were best friends, and they treated each other like siblings. But then she disappeared after high school. Everyone thought she followed her ambitions to travel the world. But here she was, pale and sickly, her red hair a mess and her green eyes absolutely dull.

"She OD'ed on Opium. She was found in the park by a homeless man. Blood tests came by with high amounts of Heroine as well."

The nurse informed, causing the doctor to shake their head in despair.

"*Hibi, why?*"

"Currently, she's under a lot of anesthesia, so she won't be able to talk to you. We've already gotten out most of the drug, though I wanted your opinion."

The doctor then...

1) Your character must be a dominant figure.
2) Your character can be any race or gender. You can also have as many as you want. It makes it more interesting when it's that way.
3) Mature themes are obviously included. More can be added.
4) Please post a bit of your profile in the Private Post, including what you're not okay with if the rp gets sexual. Please tell me if that's what you want!
5) Good Grammar is a must!
6) Good English would be appreciated. I understand if it isn't your first language, and please alert me if that's the case. I won't judge!
7) Please write at least more than one mobile line. I'm almost always on my phone, so I know it isn't too difficult.
7.5) I will try to match your length, but it gets difficult to write twenty plus lines on mobile. I'm not that creative, and I'm sorry!
8) Try to keep this interesting please!
9) Short term and long term rps are totally cool with me!
10) Please don't ask to share this to other communities or use it. The answer is no.
11) Most important rule of all.... HAVE FUN!!!! Oh, and there is a password. It's bolded in the dialogue. Please at least try to find it. Thanks!

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//Hentai Stories\\
Girls only

Ok so I've been think of turning so rps into stories by breaking them up into multiple rps, so if there's a particular kind of rp someone wants to do they'll be a genre I'll have for it. I've been thinking about doing this for awhile but have putting it off so i want your opinions. Should i do it? I already have a few ideas for rps stories like "Ann's: Slave stories", "Pleasure Station", "Lust 101", etc. These stories will usually either center around one person, a group of people, or particular local as the stories focus point. I will still post other kinds of rps that isn't story based just thoughtthis would be fun. The stories will still be shared to communities so you all can see it and decide to rp if you want but if you want to be keep up and ve notified when they're posted or even get exclusive side story you'll wanna follow the collection.

I would also take suggestions on stories but i won't do everything. If it's something thats a turn off or I'm not interested in i won't do it: Scant, vore, gore, pegging, yaoi, etc.

I'll make Collections on my page for each story so you can always find the specific story you want and which part but you'll have to let me know if you want to be in the collection because it will be private to only the people that want to see it
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Poll option image
It's kinda up to you.....
No! Don't waste your time!!!
It sounds awesome do it~!
It's kinda up to you.....
No! Don't waste your time!!!
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