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Anyone Lokking for a Digital presence Solution?
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Recently Shutterfly turned heads with an email flub. Mistakes happen in digital marketing. Let's look at what you can learn from the Shutterfly email.

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So in the same way that exercising makes us happier, it’s not surprising that music adds significantly to our work-out success.

What have you noticed about how music affects you? Let us know in the comments.

What does everyone think of the new Google+ additions/changes? Would you be open to a Hangout party sometime to talk through thoughts?

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Nerd alert: I got REALLY excited about this today!

A few things I learned while experimenting with my personal YouTube account:
1. You must have your account set up for monetization. Maybe this is obvious, but it was something that slowed me down.
2. Not all YouTube creators see this feature yet. Be patient, I tell myself.
3. This Google+ Community is worth joining:

Unfortunately, much of what I read is about individuals connecting personal brand pages ... for me, it's much more nerve-wracking to be working with corporate brand pages. Has anyone successfully integrated their company brand page with their YouTube channel? I'd appreciate any tips ....

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Hashtags on Facebook: What are your thoughts?

I'm still trying to figure out the mechanics of using Google+... does anyone know how to connect a YouTube account to a Google+ page if the YouTube account has a different Google account than the page?

Let's make it even more complicated... what to do if you have three Google+ pages created under one Google account? I need some serious help, and am not finding it anywhere!

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#4sqDay  is a little over a month away! Do you encourage businesses to run specials or get involved in this day? (Or other social media themed days?)

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Here's a place to start: What do we think about this? All I can say thus far is ... GAH!

Thanks to everyone who has already joined our community! How would you like this community to work for you and your business?
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