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[name] : mizuki dawn

[age] : 16

[family] : my brothers x2, momma, dadda, biological father, uncles x3, grandparents x3 1 sister (twin misaka)

[species] : ice demon and demi fire goddess

[likes] : killing, fighting, sparing, learning, listening

[hair] black or brown

[dislikes] : lazy people, people who give in, child ish behaviour

[weight] : 16kg

[height] :....

[Bio] :
born to an unknown father and mother, maxi has raised her for the past ten years with out telling anyone of her existence, she hasn't meet many children, and is strong in attacks not using powers, her hair changes colour along with her eyes, she isn't one for staying in the one form, but her common form is black hair

*(powers are listed in the progress she gained her powers)

[ bio on powers ]
mizuki born to {ERROR} And {ERROR} Both where highly mixed and both incredibly powerful, mizuki inherited her family's powers but would gain them as she aged, when she was born by age 5 she had gained many powers eg. Age manipulation and reality warping, (1st gained powers).
Over the next few years by 6 she had gained more powers from battle and training, at 6 she had worked out the harder she worked the stronger she would become she she put in the extra time and work, her powers growing stronger and stronger by 8 she had gain many more (3rd gain, 4th gain 5th gain).
All these powers where part of her awakening which would finally finish at 16, she would only gain 2 more lots of powers during the years between 8-16 her powers reaching there limits for her physical strength

[Powers and Abilities]

1st gained powers
Artistry Animation
Induced Healing
Physical Restoration
Induced Sedation
Induced Paralysis
Death Inducement
Dimensional Storage
Fundamental Forces
Light Manipulation
Darkness Manipulation
Density Control
Mass Manipulation
Weight Manipulation
Elemental Transmutation
Gravitational Manipulation
Pressure Manipulation
Magnetism Manipulation
Molecular Manipulation
Solar Manipulation
Cosmic Manipulation
Lunar Manipulation
Aura Manipulation
Probability Manipulation
Reality Warping
Sound Manipulation
Biological Manipulation
Age Manipulation
Corpse Manipulation
Fundamental Forces Manipulation

2nd gained powers
Air Manipulation
Smoke Manipulatio
Crystal Manipulation
Glass Manipulation
Sand Manipulation
Water Manipulation
Vapor Manipulation
Ice Manipulation
Electricity Manipulation
Electromagnetic Manipulation
Wood Manipulation
Fungus Manipulation
Paper Manipulation
Pollen Manipulation
Flower Manipulation
Nature Manipulation
Animal Manipulation
Avian Manipulation
Insect Manipulation
Mammal Manipulation
Reptile Manipulation
Fish Manipulation
Arachnid Manipulation
Amphibian Manipulation
Weather Manipulation
Cloud Manipulation
Storm Manipulation
Dust Manipulation
Ash Manipulation

3rd gained powers
These powers deal with energy generation, conversion and manipulation. In addition to generic energy, versions of these powers exist that deal with such things as light, sound, electricity, nuclear energy, and the Darkforce dimension.

Energy Emission
Vibration Emission
Light Generation
Life-Force Manipulation
Radiation Manipulation
Force-Field Generation
Induced Combustion
Energy Negation

4th gained powers
Powers that involve changing location of oneself or others.

Dimensional Transportation
Electrical Transportation
Portal Creation
Beacon Emission
Super Speed
Time Travel
Escape Artistry

5th gained powers
Ability to lift off the ground, to ride air currents or to fly self-propelled through the air.

Wing Manifestation

6th gained powers
Ability to use powers that will only affect the user.

Self-Ability Bestowal
Self Origin Manipulation
Higher Consciousness

7th gained powers
Ability to alter or deceive the perceptions of another. Can be sensory, a light or sound-based effect, or an alteration of mental perceptions.

Illusion Manipulation
Holographic Projection

8th gained powers
Ability to change appearance or body structure.

Animal Morphing
Size Shifting
Dermal Armor
Bionic Physiology
Monster Mutation
Reactive Adaptation
Power Replication
Elemental Mimicry
Metal Mimicry
Gold Mimicry
Inorganic Mimicry
Pyric Mimicry
Magma Mimicry
Clay Mimicry
Slime Mimicry
Smoke Mimicry
Shadow Mimicry
Electric Mimicry
Crystal Mimicry
Diamond Mimicry
Digital Form
Ice Mimicry
Energy Mimicry

Stronger beings.
Dragon magic

(all her powers are limited to 4 uses over 20 comments)
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