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Name Dawn
Age 12
Gender female
Species leaftree snivy
Likes eating and playing and reading
Dislikes being bullied and fire
Crush (open)
Friends +Nifty Shadowโ€‹ +LulaXgamer and a small scrawny cockatiel named nigel and a roosterโ€‹
Personailty happy lonely fun
Lives in a tree house and the tree grows biggest oran Berrys ever
Favorite song =everytime we touch= and =who says you can't go home= =techno chicken geco remix= =I'm walking on sunshine= and =beautiful dawn by James blunt=
Fusion krookodile and serpriour
Height 4.11
Bio was hatched by a serpriour and krookodile than left after she grew older and than built a house In the biggest tree in the forest and lived there since she was 8 and as today she dose not enjoy the wild fires but sees her friends pass by every so often but her friend nigel lives with her
nigel profile
Name nigel
Age 18
Gender male
Species cockatiel white face cockatiel
Likes dressing up as a Butler and playing in the water
Dislikes rain and when some one farts even himself
Crush (open)
Friends +Mohawk Cockatielโ€‹ +Nifty Shadowโ€‹+LulaXgamerโ€‹ and milly the all white cockatiel
Bio was hatched on the ground and kept with dawn and also has a habit of saying pecon randomly but is a nice cockatiel always helping others
Personailty perfect clean a bit inappropriate and listens content when spoken to
Lives with dawn
Favorite song =I will survive= =I'm walking on sunshine= =who says you can't go home=
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Hi +Techno Chickenโ€‹ left me in charge she is leaving for a while and left the community she told me to be careful who I promote and she said if anyone asks to be mod say no or make them do a test so I will RE test you all sorry but I listen to my bffs
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