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The Angel Above.

Her hair was a prized red,
As her eyes were carved from gold.
Her smile speaks for us all,
And her body was a gift.

Her words flow with the breeze
And her laughter calms the oceans.
Her mind is the new world
And her thoughts are dreams.

Although there's one thing you must know,
Her smile is a mask,
Her eyes wear armor.
And her body is what she wished it to be.

Her words are cold
As her laughter isn't real,
Her mind keeps her stuck in the clouds,
And her thoughts, are what she needs.

Her heart is carved with angered scars,
Her feelings are no longer to linger.
She's now careless and of course reckless.
Never to love again, never to care again.

For all there is left is her empty spirit.
She sounded nice, but she's gone now.
This coffin was used, For this angel above.
So now you don't have the chance..

To get to know this lovely spirit above.
There's nobody to thank but yourself..
So don't point the blame where you can't find nothing.
Look to yourself and you might find something.

Say your apologies for as long as she can listen,
Because she couldn't hear you when she was alive.
She's ready to cross over now...
And become the next victim of your game of life.

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The sadness behind it...

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I can't help but relate to such an upsetting thought.


Shining back at my selfish ways.
Slashing through the darkest shadows.
Piercing what was once called "always"
Along with me, the darkness follows.
I am oblivious.
Edging through the sharp corners.
Walking past what was so called fearful.
Turning into all of those loners.
Running away and trying to be careful.
I am oblivious.
What's going on around me does not matter.
Getting weary is only a feeling.
My thoughts and feelings are only to spatter.
As those around me keep healing.
I am still oblivious.
Time can tick for not much longer.
When will I snap back into this crazy reality.
Perhaps when my armor gets stronger.
I guess we'll find out by the fatality.
I am oblivious.

They're Already Too Late.

How do I keep going like this?
I'm like an everlasting painting on a canvas,
Though my color fades faster and faster.
Nobody understands the pain I feel.
Not even the one I love the most.
If he really cared then he'd get through to me.
I could leave now, and he wouldn't notice,
Is that the definition of love?
When a painting falls off the wall,
And all you hear is a shatter,
But you can't remember what was there in the first place,
So it lyes there dying on the ever rotting ground,
Until someone picks you up,
But once that happens...
They're already too late.

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