Hi Everyone!
I read through all the options about rental units at Oak Park Place Condos. I know this has been a source of contention for while now. I have rented out my unit over the past 3 years. I bought in 2006. Honestly, I never wanted to be a landlord, but I bought at the peak of the housing bubble. Twelve years later, I still have not recuperated the cost of my condo. Instead of walking away, I chose to rent out the unit. I even had it appraised again this summer with the hopes of maybe putting it on the market, but it still is not anywhere near what I paid for it. I was shown specks for the area, and the last 3 places to sell in our building seem to be foreclosures or shortsales which I think have brought the property value down. I don't want to speak for others, but I feel that a lot of people who are renting are in my situation. My goal is just to rent it out until I can at least get what I owe. There have been a lot of news rules put in place to keep everyone safe and increase our assessment revenue from renter's. I think this is all very good. And I agree with wanting to keep it in a "condo" building status. I definitely don't agree with the "no renter's solution". Maybe renter's could pay a little higher assessment or a one time yearly fee to rent out there place to help offset the higher insurance premiums. I think doing away with the ability to rent out the units would put a lot of economic hardship on many people, leading to more foreclosures, and further reduction of the property value. Thanks for listening to the other side. Melissa Semp
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