So far, we have

Me (Samuel Kosch) as 20th Century Fox

+TheGarrettMaster11 - Your #1 source of awesomeness! (Garrett Simmers) as 4Kids

+Mikko Salovaara (Michael Wildshill) as The Weinstein Company

+SuperLenny1975 (Chance/Lenny Sims) as Warner Bros.

+SillyHunterBoy (Hunter Kimbril) as Lionsgate

+SNN! Media Group/ SNNtheSpartan (Nadjib Mansouri) as Turner

+Philip Gammson (Felipe S.) as Sony (with him also being Columbia, his girlfriend (Lily Milterson) as TriStar, his brother (Eddy Gammson) as Screen Gems, and Purple Shep as Destination Films)

+Mitchy Beanson as UA

+Autistic Sides as Universal

+Miles Prower Entertainment as Viacom (all of it)

Who am I?

I will be 4Kids (of course I will, I mean, they had a little potential when it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon)

Can anyone make the 4Garrys logo

+Mikko Salovaara can be our The Weinstein Company.

+TheGarrettMaster11 - Your #1 source of awesomeness! What parody do you want? No TWC, Sony, or FOX for you. They're taken.

+SNN! Media Group/ SNNtheSpartan can be our Turner. Name: Mansouri

+Philip Gammson can be Sony like any other group.

I'll be FOX here.
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