Come back Tom, come to the light. :) Don't be leaving us orphaned and stuff.

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I've added Island Oasis Grid to the hypevents calendar. It was long overdue. I only parse the first page of their calendar (, mainly because the page is set up with awkward microsoft technology, requiring a lot of effort to crawl the pages and I'm too lazy to implement that :)

Only events that actually specify a location are included, as per the usual.

A new version, 0.8, of the HYPEvents in-world board is available, in part courtesy of Gudule Lapointe who sent me some improvements to the script.

Head over to to grab a fresh copy at the HYPEvents offices (at coordinates 123,154,23).

Improvements include:
- now the theme setting actually works, giving a choice of three color schemes (black-on-white, green-on-black and yellow-on-red)
- filter out events that started more than two hours ago to present a cleaner and more readable overview (gets rid of those multi-day events at the first lines of the board)
- optional warning to owner when a new version of the board is available

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HI Tom, could you please add the new grid to your HYPEvents boards... or if you need calendar url :

The owner is DJTommy Seetan, I think he wrote to you too ?

Thanking you in advance for your help on this request. SUN

HI Tom, can you please contact me ... thanks :) ♥

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Put this in yer hope chest yall, cuz I aint NEVER again waiting 20 minutes to upload a 17 minute vid. PLUS! YouTube still aint got a way to understand stroke victims enough to create closed caption. Can you believe they want me to type all the stuff I say in the vid? hahahahaha. Suffer for a bit longer Shel. Just a time thing.   :)

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Where's the LIVE music today? For times,use yer own dang time zone, but let HYPEvevents convert it for you, so you dont hurt yer brain. hahaha. :)

Fri, Dec 11 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm PST ▶ DJ Shayna @ Starlight Ballroom (The Great Canadian Grid)
Fri, Dec 11 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm PST ▶ Lightnin' Lowtide Live! @ Po' Monkey (The Great Canadian Grid)
Fri, Dec 11 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm PST ▶ wosy O'grady Live @ Starlight Ballroom (The Great Canadian Grid)
Fri, Dec 11 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm PST ▶ MadMaxHuet Live @ Po Monkey (The Great Canadian Grid)
Fri, Dec 11 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm PST ▶ Tone Uriza Live @ Po Monkey (The Great Canadian Grid)

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Here's what I have noticed, and how IIIIIII change the time format from military to standard time least til I can permanently choose it to not start out in military time. :)

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Thanks for invite Han! got my HYPEvents board up and active at the AAcme City landing point! Woot! Waves to everyone! 

Trying to figure out a way to include zangrid events on the calendar. Sadly, many of their regions block hypergrid travellers making most events irrelevant for HYPEvents. Now I just need to figure out a way how to automatically determine if an event is hg enabled, so the backend can decide whether to run the event or not...

Options I can think of:
- maintaining a whitelist by hand, needs frequent checking/updating and will probably lead to many false negatives (events that are hg enabled but incorrectly not on the whitelist and thus not listed on
- build a custom client with libomv to try and jump to the region, lots of work but accurate, not sure if worth it for the 1-2 events a month that do welcome hg visitors on zangrid
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