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So it seems you have found my community? Welcome. I hope that you enjoy this community, as there will be many pluses to this one, as opposed to others! XD Primarily, I will note that I'm creating rules as we go, not initially. Therefore, if you want to help create them, then join now and suggest them. I will award moderator to some people who I think will utilize it best. Let's make this community better than the rest! Thank you so much for joining. :)

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Any1 want to play I will give stuff
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if you want to beat plantera, I recommend you use the venom staff and remove the background and go on multiplayer and build a house on multiplayer for double lifes, or one on single player for convinience so you don't have to walk all the way to the jungle if you die

I am REALLY angry right now.I've just defeated the 3 mech bosses,after that,i went to the jungle to mine some chlorophyte.When then,i found a jungle temple!And there was a chest next to the door! When i opened it,i found SEVEN solar tablet fragments,and i needed 8 for a solar eclipse ;-;

Any tips for plantera?I just defeated the 3 mech bosses.

Guys,any tips for skeletron prime?

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10/10 would buy Yo-yo's

If you have not noticed, I am gonna use the "Tagline" area on the community as Splash Text. Give me some Ideas and I'll just look at this every once in a while and use one. If you have multiple please send each one as a seperate comment so we can see how many different Splash Texts there are! :D Have fun with it!

Add... Hm Item recipes Or Ingame Question.

add "game suggestions"
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