Can I make a giantess that can change size?

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 name: makiana ko
species: undead
gender: male
class: warlock
bio: once was a  warlord inkias forhorn  till i was captured and executed by the seavale council.I was resurrected by naanir the god of death before my death i was in his cult and made a blood vow to serve him forever now my mission is to dersoy the people of seavale and  gain my revenge while i have a castle close to mount forcan
goal:take revenge and kill seavale culture and people and to dersoy quostinia for naanir
god: naanir god of death and misery

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you see a town up head from the distant you hears screams and you see things grabbing the people

Im bored of doing this... plays a audio recording in a small radio

Uh ? Hello ? Hello, this is supposed to be on, so yeah, imonna start with my name, its Lovely Music, i am aged 14 in my real age but i am 1400, i am a female, i am usually worried of others but sometimes i can be very cold and just tell someone off or do something mean that ik that then i'll regret but do anyways, i like music, drawing, etc. I hate the ones that want all the power and atention, the self-victimistic ppl and haters, i'm from the shadow village and... I think that's all i have to say, bye"
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