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welcome to the roleplay community you can be your oc or au
or maybe a connon character!

you'll need this to continue...



type: (what they are)


bio: (at least 4 lines)

fandom: (you don't have to)

looks: (if no picture)

life after death: (about what would happen of they past away)

born: (tell where were they born or how they were born

crush: (this is the real deal breaker)

it's not gonna be hard but i just wanna make sure no mary sues

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Name: ProjectDelta god of destruction
Personality: (look at the third picture)
Appearence: (look at photos, made by ProjectDelta AKA me)
Backstory: I wasn't born this way. This.... Grey and white coloring permanently placed on me. No... My creator tuned me into this. I used to be a judge, an angel of death meant to meet the villians at the end of there oath and strike them down. But he grew tired of that and erased it. And then he turned to me. He gave me no option, no choice, and no where to go.... He made me his god of destruction. If he thought something was a mistake I was the one sent to erase it for him, whether it be a person, an object, even a whole world together. He gave me the power to do it and the orders to do so.
Though.... I have found d a way to.... Creat... My own worlds out of the destroyed ones. So I don't have a problem with my position, it gives me plenty of athority. Anyhow. That's me. God of destruction
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We are in the woods and everyone is far away from each other and I'm in a tree with my clothes ripped up (BTW my role-play character is Clover wolfgang

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name: kiki skull

Age: 14

Type: wolf furry

Gender: female

life after death: there would be yellow roses around my corpse

Born: does not know and was abandoned as a child

crush: unknown

picture of my Oc

the song that go with Kiki skull
Hot and dangerous
if your one of us then rolls with us
cause we make the hipsters fall in love
and we've got our hot pants on enough
and yes course because we're
running this town just like a club
and no you don't wanna mess with us
got jesus on my necklace
got that glitter on my eyes
stocking ripped all up the sides
looking sick and sexy-fied
so let's go
(let's go)

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Hi am new here..
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name: dino jacket

age: 23

type: human

gender: female

bio: asia (me) got a new jacket from a little tiny box when she opened it when the jacket was out she got sucked in and saw she was in the apartment from her dream could it be? it is! O ran's and asia neko rollins's apartment she looked around and saw only O ran "huh? A HUMAN!? YOU CAN'T BE HERE BEFORE THE uhhh WATEVER THERE CALLED!" said O ran "wait wait wait i know who you are i created you" said asia getting closer "also how did you know i was a human when i was wearing-" said asia but got cut off "your face is showing we're not dumb" "ohhhh~ where is asia neko rollins" "how do you know her?" said O ran "i created her too"

looks: (if no picture)

life after death:

born: like a normal human at the hospital

crush: asia neko rollins

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+Asia Rollins​
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Hello. :)☺

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Hi :)
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