Fo Real, we got 120 members in this community, where are you people at?

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Where are you guys?
Last post, march 25. Why aren't we posting anything? Come on guys, lets get more members!!!

Has this community grown?? Wut, i though this was dead

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It took me too long to make this community. share it out.


No…this can’t be happening. I refuse to accept it. But no…he’s gone. Long gone…they have taken his life away. I will kill every single one of them. No one can stop me. They will flee when they see me. They will hide when they hear my footsteps. When they hear my name, they will shriek in fear. And I will avenge deadloxMC’s death and will find a way to bring him back. Because I am Liv4everinMC. 

Chapter 1-Liv4everinMC
I remember every single detail. It was a cold November. November 14, 2014 at 9:00 P.M. We were together at my house having fun. It was a great time. Then herobrine came. He took Ty’s soul in front of my own eyes. There was nothing I could do. Herobrine was immortal and so was I. Herobrine’s glowing eyes met mine. He gave an evil smile. I started to plead. “Please Herobrine please!” But no. Herobrine disappeared just as quick as he came. The only thing he left was Ty’s lifeless body; I must get he soul back, but how?
I will destroy him and all of his loyal servants. All of the mobs he has created. Everything he has wil soon be gone. But what about Ty? If I could retrieve Ty’s soul, I could bring him back. I grab my legendary sword and armor.  I spread out my wings and I fly all the way to the Far Forests. “I’m coming for you” I say.

Chapter 2-Deadlox
I wake up. The sky is dark and the ground looks unwelcoming. In fact, everwhere around me looks unwelcoming. I look around and noticed a gravestone. It reads R.I.P DeadloxMC born April 17th died November 14 2014. No this isn’t true. I look around. There is a dead tree. Behind is…Katie! I run to her only crashing into an see through invisible barrier. I stare at her. On her side, the sky is beautiful and the ground is a light green.  Everywhere over there, is cheerful as it seems. No…something is wrong in this picture. Katie staring at me looking depressed and alone. I knock on the glass, screaming her name. She only looks at me. A tear slips from one of her eyes. No… this can’t be…Please let this be a dream I think. Please please please…please…

Chapter 3-Liv4everinMC
Slaying mobs doesn’t help decrease your anger. It only makes it worse. No matter how many times I slay zombies and skeletons with my sword, I still have that feeling. The pain, the longing, thinking there was something you could have done save them. No… I must not let that feeling take over me. I need to save Ty. I have to kill Herobrine. No…I must be brave and strong. “No…” I whisper. “Oh Ty!” I begin to sob. My voice fills the night.  
The terror and shock. I can’t live in this world without him. There is no me without him. He is one thing I need and want. He is my life. Herobrine will pay…oh Ty…

Chapter 4-Deadlox
I wake up in fear. Nightmares of glowing eyes, evil laughter, and a scream and pleading. I must get out of this place but how? I stare at Katie again. She is kneeling on the ground. She stares into my eyes and whispers “Oh Ty!” I look away. Where am I anyway? I stare at the gravestone once more. No…could it be possible? “I’m dead” I whisper. Is this is where you go when you die? No… it would be on Katie’s side but what am I doing over here? This doesn’t make any sense. Now I’m getting confused. Maybe I should just lie down for a bit. Before fatigue creeps over me, I hear a voice. The one that plagues my nightmares. “ Hello Ty…” 

Chapter 5-Liv4everinMC

I wake up. Sunlight is steaming down in Far Forests though it is cold. I don’t cast a fire spell even though I could’ve done so.  I begin to shiver.  Maybe you should give up a voice from the back of my head says. No… I will find him. He’s gone forever Katie. Remember that. No I can bring him back! He’s gone Katie. For real. No I can bring him back…HE’S GONE FOREVER! DEAD AND LONG GONE! DEEP IN YOUR HEART YOU KNOW THIS!...I just need his soul FOOLISH GIRL!!! HE’S GONE!!! I HAVE PLANS FOR HIS SOUL!...WAIT A MINUTE! “HEROBRINE!!!” I scream at the top of my lungs! I hear things scurry away in the forest. Fear overcomes me. What will Herobrine do to Ty? I must hurry. Grabbing 10 obsidian, I make a portal to the Nether to go defeat his loyal servant the Wither. He has the key to the End portal where Herobrine is. I jump into the portal with one clear thought. I will kill you Herobrine!

Chapter 6-Deadlox
Where to run? Where to hide? I try to run away from that voice. It becomes louder and more clearer. Soon my legs become tired. I get into a curled up position trying not to listen to that evil laughter and a familiar scream. Wait, I know that person. “KATIE!” I scream. The glass barrier has shattered. Katie looks in total distress and screams “ TY! WHERE ARE YOU?!” Behind her are two glowing white eyes. I hear the evil laughter again. I’m running towards Katie. “I’M COMING KATIE!” I yell. As I got closer to her, she holds a sword and stabs herself whispering” I’ll never leave you…” “KATIE NO! I’M RIGHT HERE!” I scream She begins to fall and I catch her in my arms. “ ty…I thought you were gone…” She gives me a faint smile. When she dies a tombstone replaces her body saying R.I.P Liv4everinMC. No…this can’t be happening. A begin to cry her name. A faint light shown against a door I haven’t seen. Do I dare to enter the door? Well…I don’t have much of a choice do I? I run towards the door and open it. Light streams out. I enter the room. I open my eyes gasping. A familiar face stares at me with glowing white eyes and gives me a malicious look. Herobrine…

Chapter 7-Liv4everinMC
I walk up to the statue of the wither. I see it is missing a head. I go up to the nether fortress and slay one of the wither skeletons and retrieving its head. I place the head on the statue. I can feel the ground beneath me rumble. The wither looks at me with lifeless eyes. “Who DARES disturb my slumber?’ He says. “I’m am Liv4everinMC also known as Mystico Spiritu Deae. I want your key” I say. “ The key?” Wither laughs. “ Herobrine wouldn’t want you touching it my lady so might as well get by force!” Foolish Wither. I knew Herobrine’s servants weren’t the smartest. “ Force huh” I say. “Whatever you say” I slice off one of Wither’s head. “ ARRGGHH!” he yells. “My nether helpers! Get her!” The nether mobs are no match for me. I simply slay them all. The Wither gives me the death stare look. “ So you think your better than me?” he snarls. He starts shooting wither heads at me. I quickly dodge them. Right when he’s about to throw fireballs, I throw my sword at his chest. He slowly begins to sink. “ No…I can’t let Herobrine down” he moans. I retrieve the sword from his chest. Wither winces. “ I’ll be back once Herobrine resurrects me.” he hisses. Then he is gone. The key. It’s in the chest behind him. I open the chest and grab the key. It is made of end stone.  Now I can save Ty. Wait…what is Herobrine doing with Ty? I must hurry. Ty…I’m coming…

Chapter 8-Deadlox
“Well what have you done to me?!” I yell.  Herobrine smiles “You have passed my test well. You make the perfect…helper of mine” he says. “ Answer me! What have you done to me!” I shout angrily. “Take a look for yourself” Herobrine says. He takes me to a mirror. No…what has he done to me I have black demonic wings. I have claws, fangs, and spikes shoot out of my arms. I even have a long tail covered with spikes and a razor sharp diamond shaped at the end of my tail. Herobrine has turned me into a half human half ender dragon.  I snarl at him. “ So what do you want me to do I great one?” I say in sarcasm. Herobrine gives me an evil smile. “ You are the only one that can kill Mystico Spiritu Deae or Mystical Spirit of the Goddess” He replies. I become confused. “ Who is this goddess anyway?” I ask. Herobrine stops smiling. “ Why Liv4everinMC or Katie. Do you not know she was a goddess?!” he hisses. “ NO!” I roar. “ Why would I do such a thing?!” Herobrine stares at me. He speaks in a slow voice “ You will do so or watch all of your friends and family die.” “ And what will you do if I obey you?” I ask. “ I will spare your family, friends, free you from this curse and you will be highly honored by everyone” This is a hard decision. Which choice to choose? Which one will benefit me the most? I sigh. “Fine, I go destroy Katie…” I say. Herobrine grins. “Excellent! Now go wait nearby the portal. I know she’ll come” Herobrine says. Oh what have I done? It’s too late to back out now. What will Goddess Katie do to me if I try to kill her? Well I guess I’ll just wait…

Chapter 9-Liv4everinMC
The End Portal. I’ve found it. It took like forever digging and mining to find a stronghold though I could’ve used an ender pearl. Oh what is wrong with me these days? I insert the key into the entrance of the stronghold. I then jump into the portal. I look around. I see a silhouette in the distance. Is that…Ty?! “ Ty!” I shout. “ It’s me!” As the figure got closer, I knew something was wrong. The figure had wings, a tail and are those…glowing purple eyes? “Ty?” I whisper. It was Ty but something was wrong. He looked like he was a half ender dragon. “Ty?” I whispered again. “ Thank God your hear! Please get me out of this!” Ty says. “Ty, what happened?” I ask. “ I’ll tell you later, just help me out of this!” Ty replies. Little did I know what was behind Ty’s back…

Chapter 10-Deadlox
Do I dare? “ Katie, I need you to become mortal please.” Katie nods and turns herself into a regular human. “ Ty…” “Call me Enderlox for now, okay?” Katie smiles. “ Okay Enderlox, how do we break the spell?” I close my eyes and whisper “ Good bye Katie” Katie looks at me with confusion. “ What do you mean…” I don’t wait for her to finish, I stab her with Herobrine’s sword. Katie’s eyes become wide. “Ty! Why?!” She crys out in pain. I only look at her, staring at her eyes. “ I’m sorry Katie.” Tears begin to fall out of my eyes. “ You why I did this, right? Please forgive me.”  But why would a goddess forgive a person who betrays her and eventually kills her? But no. She gives me a faint smile. “ Yes I forgive you…” she whispers. She begins to sink slowly. I catch her in my arms before she hits the ground. “ I…love you Ty” Those were the last words coming out of her mouth. Her eyes close and she is gone. What have I done? I was too foolish and obeyed Herobrine. I sit there on the ground holding her and weeping. A beam of light suddenly shines on her body. The light takes her away. I hold onto her as long as I could begging for her to come back. The light lifts her up in the air taking her to the heavens above. I sit there crying. I have lost everything. She was my everything. I was so dumb to listen to Herobrine. Now there is one thing I must do. I take her legendary sword and stab Herobrine who was watching me, hissing. Herobrine falls and begins to die. “ This isn’t the last you seen me!” he screams. Then he’s gone. His body vanishes. Now I have nothing left. My friends all hate me now that I’ve become a beast and killed Katie. I’ve lost my place as leader of the Dead Army. My family is nowhere to be seen. Worst of all, Katie’s gone and it is all of my fault. There is nothing left but to go to the overworld and sleeping on a dead tree, near a gravestone that bears her name. Katie Hong(Liv4everinMC, Mystico Spiritu Deae or Mystical Spirit of the Goddess) I could not bear looking at the words that explain her “Death killed by betrayal” She was only 18 when she died…

Chapter 11-Liv4everinMC
Yes Ty…I forgive you. I forgive you because I love you. You are my everything and my life. This time, people will come up to me and embrace me.  When they hear my footsteps, they will run up to me. When they her my name, they will scream in joy. Because I am Liv4everinMC and I will come back to you Ty. I promise I will never leave you.

Chapter 12-Deadlox
I see a shape in the distance. I don’t want it to come near. I don’t want it to comfort me. I just want to suffer alone. But then…it speaks a voice that sounds familiar. “ Ty…” I look up. Sitting right next to be is my one and only wish. “ I’m back Ty.” Right next to me is Katie. I smile.

Chapter 13-Liv4everinMC
I smile back at him. “ I’ve promised that I’ll never leave you” I whisper. “Oh Katie” Ty says. Nothing will ever separate us. I’ve made Ty a God. Suddenly, Ty looks at me in distress. “What about my curse?” he asks. I smile. I transform myself into a half enderdragon similar with his form. “See?” I say Ty smiles. We are both eternally happy as long as we never separate again but I doubt we will. 



At least one of our members have got the hang of it.

Alright everyone. Let's just post things like deadlox's videos. Look at like the skydoesminecraft community. Fanart, video comments, anything at all.

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