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PATCH 0.1: The Areas Update
-Added 3 New Areas
-Added Bulletin Board And Player-Made Quest Mechanics

This community is dead at the moment. Any Ideas for patches?

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name: Shadow LARP
 class: knight
  gender: male
   age: as old as his nose and a little older then his teeth
    weapon: Shadow buster sword
     defense: shadow shield, dark armor (FF IV)
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we need a shadow island area crosses arms

walking through carrying buster sword humph, everyone hides when they see me

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your new quest! (optional) is to watch these videos (this is for silver, but anyone is welcomed to watch these videos)

blazblue alter memory episode 1 (not a fan dub, the REAL THING!):

Team fortress 2 and blazblue gmod video:

Name: Blaze
Gender: Female
Path: Mage
Item Starter: Warlock

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hey wht sup
thnx for inviting me here even thi I have no idea wht to do XP

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oh forgot to do this
name: flora marven
weapon: sword, gun, and kunai
awesome pet: dragon XD

Name : Ashley
Weapon : swords and guns
Pet : wolf
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