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I had an experience once when a good friend asked for my opinion about, getting a tattoo but if it was of a scripture. At the time I was a little younger then and I said something like "well wouldn't that hurt, plus when your old and wrinkly it'll look gross and you won't be able to read it anymore anyways." Not the most mature response.
Now I hope I'd be more spiritually prepared and say something more like "Well God gave us our bodies as a gift. How would you like it if you worked really hard to create this gift for someone you love and then see them not take care of it or criticize it; by getting a tattoo even if its of something good like a scripture isn't the best idea. We need to care of our bodies because they're a gift from God. Why not frame the scripture instead or memorize it."
Does anyone have any other ideas for a response?
Also I'm new to this and not sure what category to put this under?

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A missionary's experience teaching the first vision.  Amazing!

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I love to know more about your mission vision !

Some of my friends were wondering how anyone could believe in the Book of Mormon without any archeological evidence, I tried telling them that I believe because of faith. How else can I explain it?

My friend believes in the trinity how can I explain to him what we believe about the godhead?

A close friend of mine is struggling spiritually. She has little desire to go to church, because she feels like no one wants her there, and she feels excluded when she does attend. I try to encourage her to be faithful and continue attending, going to church with a smile. She has tried that before, but still doesn't feel included and loved by her fellow Young Women. What can I do to help the YW understand what is going on, and change their attitudes towards her?

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I'm sharing this poem next week in YW please critique it. Thanks in advance for your help.

On a cross he hung
The people wept
The storms raged on
While in a tomb he slept

Third day he rose
His life restored
He told his apostles
To go spread the word

Glory hosanna
The Savior lives
Glory hosanna
Our salvation he gives

He left this world
He now lives above
He showed the world
His undying love

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I made this community to help people with daily scripture study.

Disclaimer: the following situation is fake.

I've been investigating the church and I don't understand the atonement. How dose the atonement work? What is the atonement really?
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