Today We Monger! 5:30PM in EE317! Joe and I talk about the Perl Conference!

If you're coming from the Northwestern Garage, you need to get to EE through MSEE, because everything in Purdue is under construction.

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Also: our website has moved to

And: is a big Perl shop that's interested in supporting Mongers groups, and starting in April, they will support us.

Been a while since I've posted here.

Today at 5:30 pm, +Joe Kline will talk about Asynchronous Programming with Perl. 5:30pm in EE317 on Purdue's campus.

Afterward, we will be going to Lafayette Brewing Company for HackLafayette Open Source Food & Chat. 7:30pm is our listed starting time. Please RSVP on

I was sure I put a Mongers post in here before

Tomorrow is International Data Privacy Day!

I should bake cookies!

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Finally trying to figure out this stuff and move forward from CGI.
38 min video about Dancer and DBIx::Class (aka DBIC) the de facto Object Relation Model of Perl.

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I have announced our next meeting (on Wednesday) on Meetup, and I find I can no longer create events in G+. Fun.

Anyway, please RSVP.

Tonight we meet at MatchBox for our monthly Purdue Perl Mongers meeting.

Main topic is "HTML Mail" by me, with a discussion on our December meeting, which should be our celebration of the release of Perl6.

Immediately following is Open Source Food & Beer & Chat at Lafayette Brewing Company. Please RSVP at so we know how many seats we need to reserve, and see you then.

Over the last few months, we've ran an experiment, moving from 
Tuesdays over lunch in Whistler to Wednesdays after work at the
MatchBox, followed by GLOSSY Open Source Food & Beer & Chat at LBC.

We've learned several lessons (first: bring your own DANG HDMI 
cables to MB), and I certainly don't regret it, but from discussions
with Joe and Michael, we might do on-campus after-work, as we have
done before.

Or not.

    Location -- MatchBox? WSLR? Some other building on-campus? 

    Time -- After work? Lunchtime? I'd suggest 7:30-8:30am if I
    thought anybody would go for it, but I sincerely doubt it.

    Day -- Wednesday was chosen to make the Mongers -> GLOSSY
    transition easy, but with campus not being quite as easy 
    walking distance from LBC, we might look into other days.
    Although, it's almost Tuesday, Wednesday or no-day for me.

Any comments at all about when would be a good or bad time to Monger
would be appreciated.

Joe Kline is presenting at PPW just before our expected meeting, 
and will re-present that talk for us next month, so that's on-deck, 
wherever and whenever it occurs.

This was sent to the mailing list and will also be on the GLOSSY meetup.

I think we all can say that the #1 takeaway from last night's meeting is to never trust an HDMI cable. That's fine; I have a LONG one I can bring from home for next time.

I have an idea for a "ring Dave for entry" web-app that'd connect to me. I think it might work well with a QR code, except I generally think QR codes outside of very specialized environments are like "fetch" from Mean Girls; never going to happen.

Thanks to Joe Kline for showing us XPath-style HTML parsing with
XML::LibXML. I'm of at least three minds about parsing:

    * Much of my parsing is simply regular expressions in part
      because I want it now, I don't need it to last
    * I still have code subclassing HTML::Parser, and as long
      as it gets my xkcd and CommitStrip comics for me, I'm happy
    * I work enough with jQuery that using CSS selectors
      is my go-to for writing new code
    * Everybody should be exporting everything in JSON anyway

Four minds. I'm not schizophrenic, I'm quadrophenic! Still, using XPath is a reasonable way of doing it, too. Do you have example code we can look at, Joe?

Thanks to Mark Senn showing us some interesting parts of Perl 6, set for official release before this Christmas but available for testing now.
( I have it running thanks to rakudobrew, but haven't done much more than used Mark's rewrite of my password code on it.

Thanks also to Broc Seib for reserving the room and finding the one non-crappy HDMI cable in the MatchBox.

There are several open questions for next time:

Did the all-technical talk at MatchBox followed by social time with GLOSSY at LBC work for everybody? Should we stick with that or go back to WSLR?

Is there a topic anybody desperately wants to present for next time?

Is there a topic anybody desperately wants to hear about for next time?
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