Since Legit Lenny broke the treaty I guess it's time to teach him a lesson?

I have got to fucking roast on skylar from the next step. ok first off skylar fuck off you cant bully Riley she is a lifeblood of the next step and you want her to be kicked out like fuck you get out of the next step your shit. I hate you skylar you are the worst next step character ever

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I will be happy when haters figure this out:
NOT ALL. Only some.

definetly got to roast ... The Fa because they're wanks

I am doing more hate and this time it's on............... Jose Mourinho for just being a dickhead and what's funny is he's lost 2 in a row. also hate on vanilla chan because she is as ugly as mouse man and as stupid as chris evans on steroids.

holy shit guys I hit 50 followers thanks. now I have well a very special request. so I would like someone to do a vid on me if I took over minecraft and also a vid that shows every shipper in a battle game in minecraft. remember I thank you for 50 FOLLOWERS

new post. Hate on fifa for making headers fucking annoying to win on fifa. slow claps. well done EA.

I am dissing miss kate from the next step (yay next step lover but dissing miss kate what fun) she says to Amanda "you were auditioning at another studio that's not loyal" ok loyality means shit these days and second riley made the point that Amanda nearly got in so FUCK YOU MISS KATE I AM GLAD RILEY IS NOW THE OWNER. RILEY X JAMES FORVER OH AND ASH X SERENA FOR EVA!

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I have a feeling somebody here is going to diss mw
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