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the #MicrosoftOffice exploit didn’t directly write a #Windows PE backdoor on disk. Instead,
it writes an #encrypted Visual Basic Script and runs it.

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#OnionDuke, 3 minute profile

In October 2014, Leviathan #Security Group disclosed that a Russia based Tor exit node was attaching #malware onto the files that passed,
through it by wrapping legitimate executables with the malware executable.

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Anders is here as the author of He's been working as a programmer since 2001, in fields ranging from multiphase flow simulations to web development. He’s been doing everything from working on compilers to being CTO, and has been using a wide variety of languages. C++ is closest to his heart, but he’s been doing other things for the last five years. He’s very happy to be back as a C++ developer from October 1, in his new job at Zivid Labs. Anders is also a father of two, and in his spare time he’s the producer and frontman of the futurepop band Modulo One.

Post has attachment Development of large complex projects is impossible without the use of programming techniques and tools helping to monitor the quality of the code. First, it requires a literate coding standard, code reviews, unit tests, static and dynamic code analyzers. All this helps to detect defects in code at the earliest stages of development. This article demonstrates the abilities of a PVS-Studio static analyzer in detecting bugs and security weaknesses in code of the Android operating system. We hope that the article will attract readers’ attention to the methodology of static code analysis, and they will be willing to embed it in the process of developing their own projects. #android #opensource #pvsstudio #secdevops

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C++ Tutorial for beginners

C++ is one of the most popular languages primarily utilized with system/application software, drivers, client-server applications and embedded firmware.
#C++Turorial #LearnC++

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Ben is a Principal Software Engineer at National Instruments, primarily developing device drivers for various operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, OpenRTOS, vxWorks, ETS Pharlap), and occasionally tinkering with the firmware side of things. Ben is an occasional contributor to libc++ and Apache Thrift.

I am studying C++ by myself from Programming Principles and Practices Using C++, Second Edition and I have finished Chapter 3, LoooooooooooooL, please people encourage me 😁😁😁😁😍😍😍😍

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The third video from TheSuperProgrammer is out... Have a look at it, feedbacks are really appreciated.

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This article is the last in our series of articles where we share tips on how to write high-quality code, using the bugs found in the Chromium project as examples. Now, with 6 articles behind, there still remain a lot of errors we haven't discussed yet. They are too diverse to be put into specific categories, so in this 7th article, I'll just pick and talk about the most interesting defects.
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