is new here with few pokemon looking for help on where to go

(+Okami Tenshi we start here! :D ) 

I arrive at a place called the Outskirts Stand after blowing up team Snagems hideout and I walk in and takes a seat

What do I do

We are growing at a steady rate but if you want I could make a section for profiles if you guys want. let me know if you want that ok? I want to try and make this Community a fun place.

Ok....... People I want to know something..... is there something you want me to change or make happen? Because I just want everyone to have fun here and I'm worried that I did something wrong.......

Well the community is growing at least. It's a small start but a start nonetheless so how about we all just talk a little get to know each other a bit so that way we can feel more comfortable RPing with each other. How does that sound?

(+Jiro Uchiha we can start here! Hey also can you say what your name is going to be and which Pokémon'(s) your going to use? My characters name is Austin.)

We are both very close friends who live in the Pokémon laboratory in the Orre Region while we also train with each other and battle our Pokémon together my partners are Lairon and Grovile. We also help the professor with his projects and we also help the staff too. Little did we know that things were about to change for the both of us that will lead to a great journey through out the Region of Orre.

//Hey dont know if you care or not anymore but i kinder want to RP//

Ok........ come on guys....... I made this community so we could RP the games I even said you can change the story and have it go anyway that you want to even a little bit of romance if you wanted to. Come on guys please? I made this for you guys........ Unless you don't know the story then go and search it up and learn about it then come and RP the game doing what ever you want but you still need to go to each area and do some of the objectives in the game to ok? So yeah.

Why is no one posting?! D: Come on get in the spirit and RP People please I worked hard to start this community!
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