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eNikita now on #goodreads - share your review and win a signed copy this desember! #thriller #eNikita #kindle #book

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From the back cover of #eNikita  

They “knew everything about us,” the grandmother told the Norwegian police investigators between her tears. Ten-year old Grete was going to meet her teacher in school. It all seemed so “normal” said the grandparents.

A hacker named Frank and a triad of Norwegian, Europol and FBI investigators convene to “find Grete.” There is more at stake that has mobilized the cross-Atlantic cooperation. What they don’t know is that they have opened the door to the game of power getting played in the new domain of cyberspace where real and virtual (cyber) space collide and the rules of trust need to be rethought. They “know everything about us” is how the game gets played.

Politics will get in the way and they will find Grete, just not alive. That is Frank’s fear. In a dizzying rush of hack and counter hack, the forces of good bring together an odd assortment of heroes. Monika learned her trade in Russia as one of the original Anons as in the Anonymous. Frank started hacking in the nineties and Jaime, now an FBI Special Agent leads the elite cyber squad from the NYC field office. The Norwegian lead investigator from KRIPOS is Fredrick Hansen who is nearing the end of his career. He remembers why it was that he had first joined. It means everything to “find Grete.”

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We are editing our cybercrime novel  #eNikita  and have sent the manuscript to 5 publishers, seeking others. Suggestions? #book #thriller #author #publishing

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We did it - our first book, the thriller eNikita is complete and editing starts now! :-)
We have just finished the complete first draft of eNikita and will start our own and first editing. We are so looking forward to show you the final product, but in the mean time have a look at our special preview. It contains the first 4 chapters (1/3 of book) and introduces the characters and plot. Stay tuned!

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A small update...
We are in exciting times. We are doing some mayor graphical work in time for the final draft of eNikita:

- ElCapitan cover has been redesigned
- eNikita cover has been "tweaked"
- we are in the creation of including blog
- we are creating individual brand pages including blog for Carlos ( and myself (
- Carlos has now presence in twitter @ccsolari

Some of the graphical work done by our freelancers is simply mind blowing and we look forward to share it with you. 

Want to help? We are still looking for a publisher...

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More research pictures for the finale of "eNikita"
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Some research for the final chapter of "eNikita"... :-)

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More pictures from on location research for eNikita - This is Oslo city center. Mainly from Hotel Continental...
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eNikita Chapter 2 named "Jamie" is out for reading. Leave comment here or private message to me with email to get access.

+Carlos Solari and I are looking forward to hear your thoughts!
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