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Don't forget - tomorrow (Sat 26 Oct) morning, 9 AM to noon, is the Jazz 90.1 Autumn Breakfast! It's all you can eat waffles, sausage, eggs, coffee and orange juice. And coffee. Don't forget the coffee! Ray & Al will be broadcasting The Polka Bandstand live, and Steve & I will be there to schmooze. Hope to see you there!

BIG vulnerability in OS X announced today. All you have to do to get owned is to visit a site with a malicious ad on it. If you've been putting off updates, now would be a REALLY good time to do them.

Don't forget to join us tonight at 9 PM Eastern in Second Life! Ask Nihil Infinity for a teleport.

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Are you still using Adobe products? Be careful!

Join us today at noon on Jazz 90.1 FM as +Dennis Wurster & I once again make radio magic!

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Okay, I'm SLOWLY getting something onto the Sound Bytes site. You can currently sign up, but there's not much to do there yet. I'll be putting up a bulletin board shortly. But not tonight. This morning.

Oh - and don't forget to listen to the show later today!

Oh, oh - you can vote in the poll! The time is wrong on the server, so the new one isn't up yet.

Thanks Nick!   Lookng forward to lots of great talk!

Awhile ago in circles I made a soubdbytes one.
Nick, Joe, Steve, Jack & Dave Are in it.
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