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I was able to change my profile picture on the Sound Bytes website! Thanks Nick!

I just thought I'd mention, there are some fans of the program that get together on IRC over at DALNet while the show is live on WGMC. You can find more about this IRC network at . Naturally, we hang out in the channel #SoundBytes . (Note to those new to IRC: the "#" is part of the channel name; it is not me trying to make a hashtag. It means it is global to the network, as opposed to the prefix "&" for local to a single IRC node). I recommend you use an IRC client, but If you'd rather not, there is a JavaScript based one at:

If you want your nickname (nick) reserved on DALNet, so that noone else may use it, the network features a NickServ . You can send a message in most IRC clients to NickServ with the following:

/msg HELP

to get you started with the Nick Service. (Case is not significant, it's just CamelCased for visual effect.)

Please come join us.

People! It's time! Saturday 30 August from noon to 2 PM we'll be LIVE at Lovin' Cup! Please come join us - there will be fun and giveaways and fun and cake and fun! Get a picture with the guys, and give Nick a kiss on the cheek (ladies, too!). I really hope we see you there!

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Don't forget - tomorrow (Sat 26 Oct) morning, 9 AM to noon, is the Jazz 90.1 Autumn Breakfast! It's all you can eat waffles, sausage, eggs, coffee and orange juice. And coffee. Don't forget the coffee! Ray & Al will be broadcasting The Polka Bandstand live, and Steve & I will be there to schmooze. Hope to see you there!

BIG vulnerability in OS X announced today. All you have to do to get owned is to visit a site with a malicious ad on it. If you've been putting off updates, now would be a REALLY good time to do them.

Don't forget to join us tonight at 9 PM Eastern in Second Life! Ask Nihil Infinity for a teleport.

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Are you still using Adobe products? Be careful!

Join us today at noon on Jazz 90.1 FM as +Dennis Wurster & I once again make radio magic!
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