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A pinch of reality is enough to understand that no society is utopian in this world however we may expect them to be such. While the violence perpetrated on women is frequent in many parts of the world, even the American society is not free from this malaise as well. Domestic violence constitutes a significant part of crime against women in the United States.

As per the recent data released by UNICEF, one out of every four American women has experienced violence by her partner at least once during her lifetime. The majority of domestic violence against women is carried out by their current or former boyfriends or girlfriends. This is, however, not to suggest that the husbands are not involved in these acts.

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Unlawful arrest, or more commonly known as false arrest, occurs when a person is wrongfully held in the police custody against his will. When the law enforcement authorities such as police officers involved in extra-judicial acts and step outside the scope of their authority, then some innocent people have to pay its price.

Whenever it happens – intentionally or unintentionally, it essentially becomes an intrusion on the fundamental freedom guaranteed by the constitution. However, as long as the arrest warrant is issued on reasonable grounds by a judge, the police action could be justified for making an arrest.

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