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Welcome to the 'entry' community for Enlightened Ingress players in and around Bedford, UK.

Whether you are new to the game or just moved to the area it's good to have you around. There is also a community for more established players in the area - once you have got to at least Level 5 and met up with one of the existing members you are more than welcome to join that community as well.

It may seem a little odd to have two groups if you are new to ingress, but this is an open community with a much wider membership (and potentially the occasional 'smurf' sneaking in). This limits the amount of planning and discussion you can do - it is incredibly frustrating to spend ages planning something only to discover that word has got out and it all amounts to nothing.

Also, if you are new to ingress, you are likely to be new to G+, hangouts, etc (unless you work for Google!). They aren't the most user friendly apps, but you do get used to them and they are so established within the ingress culture that they aren't going to go away any time soon. Bear with it, it will get easier...

So, pull up a chair, grab a drink from the bar and let us know who you are (by posting in the Introductions section on the left).

Anyone got any contacts in east N'hamptonshire? Got a smurf who's popped up in west Cambs doing some damage. Keen to find out about him.

Whilst I'm based over in Northampton, I'm originally from Bedford, have family in the area and know the place pretty well. I'll visit from time to time and will happily spill any of my spare kit over.

Have had a little hiatus over Christmas, but am back on it and rebuilding my stock. As soon as we have Northampton a little more under ENL control, I start dropping by more often.

Hi All,

How do I get into the hangout?



Hi All,

Moved back to Bedford for a bit. Keen to turn the town centre green! Anyone up for doing a lvl8 farm on the high street!?!


Hello everyone! My name is ZSMortre in game.
My wife (puckerella - Jessica Hendrick) and I will be in Bedford visiting a friend in a couple of weeks. We come from Virginia Beach, VA, USA. Any suggestions on places to go, banners to do, or anything else would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, and looking forward to being there!

Hello friends! Usually in Cambridge city but in Bedford on placement on weekdays. I like morning walks so say hi if you see me capping portals in town at 7am ^_^ IGN is FCT

Hiya all. Just started playing last week. Technically based in Cambs, but on the Bedfordshire borders Eynesbury/ St. Neots. Tend to mooch in the western part of Hunts.

New to Ingress just playing for the last couple of days as few friends had mentioned it. doing some research to be more efficient in levelling up. Tumashi in game name.

Hey EN Bedford, I'm an L13 player from New Zealand just in the UK for a brief holiday. Actually staying in Tring but will be in London at least once this week too, any chance you could put me in touch with someone in the community in either of those places? Thanks
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