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[]Name[] Riku Hasashi
[]Age[] 17
[]Gender[] Male
[]Hair color[] White
[]Eye color[] Green
[]Height[] 5'8
[]Weight[] 110
[]Likes[] Pizza, Skateboarding.
[]Dislikes[] Bullies.
[]Personality[] Riku doesn't really hangout around a lot of people. He mostly keeps to himself instead of talking to other people because he feels like he's a bother at times.
[]Sexuality[] Bisexual
[]Bio[] Riku is a 17 year old boy who lives alone and doesn't like to go outside. When Riku was a kid, his family was attacked by a group of thugs who broke into his house. Riku watched his family died right in front of him and that night something snapped inside of him and he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and went crazy against the thugs. He killed them all, one by one, with a large smile on his face. He killed them but he couldn't stop stabbing their already dead body's. It's felt good to him, to see them get what they deserve. He laughed insanely as he kept stabbing the dead thug's body, not stopping until he noticed that his parents went dead, they only had a stabb wound in their shoulders. His mother and father pulled him away from the dead body and hugged him, telling him it's going to be okay. But then, as they hugged him, he raised the knife and looked at his parents with a large evil grin on his face, as if he was another person. He was so out of control that he killed his own parents after they hugged him. He couldn't stop laughing aslt how their body's fell to the ground. He then snapped out of it after he killed them and he was the only person in the house. A couple hours went by and he was sitting in the corner of the room, crled up in a ball, scared about what he did. The police came and took him away but they didn't put him in jail, they thought the people who killed his parents we're the thugs. A few years pass and now, he couldn't stop thinking of himself as a monster, and he has been questioning his life ever since. Now, in the present, he barely talks to people and he doesn't really like to because he feels like he would be a bother.

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[I need another Julius Kingsley. I will be rping as another him]

What if two of the same persons met? What could occur? The universe destroyed? No. Conflict? Maybe.

Julius was arriving to the hotel room and soon saw one who looked exactly like him: the same smirk, patch, even the same bodyguard Suzaku. Excuse me? What are you doing in my room?
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[What if there was a Julius Kingsley, but he was not actually Lelouch? What if the two were twins separated at birth? Well, that could explain how they look like and are similar in various ways.]

Name: Julius Kingsley
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Bio: Twin brother of Lelouch (and tactician of Britannia). He was about to head to St.Petersburg to handle the Euro rebels, but was kidnapped and a disguised Lelouch was sent instead. Julius was later released and developed amnesia and only remembers Lelouch as his brother. He does seem to dislike Rolo due to that fact.

Update on bio: After Lelouch's death, Julius decided to become Nunally's military advisor. But little did he know that his brother would return.

[I am sorry if most of the facts aren't true, but it is a 'what if' sort of thing.]

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A New Discord community, made by me if anyone like they can join :p lookin for more members~ and sorry for not being active here anymore ;c

Edit: Also lookin for someone to take over this group.

I have an Akito the Exiled rp. I dunno where to put it.

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Ah.. i didnt notice i become owner of this group rip.

1 Year later .________.

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//Basic Info\\
Name: Jin Hasashi
Race: Human/Clone
Ethnicity: Japanese
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Height: 166
Weight: 45
Place of Residence:
Holy Britannian Empire (former)
Eleven (Current)
Occupation: Knight of Eleven (Former)
Messatsu Ryuu Ninja (Current)
Knightmare Frame Pilot

Skills: Sword Training
Hand to hand combat
Ninja Arts
Skilled Assassination
Skilled Knightmare Frame Pilot

//Personal Information\\
Relationships: Ayano Kosaka
Personality: Serious, Cold, Calm, Cheerful
Likes: his friends, Ayano Kosaka, Cecile Crommy
Dislikes: Terrorist, Venom (Jason's Counterpart)
Weakness: Canonical Geass
Bio: After Jin is revived from the dead, he've returned back to his world and reunite his constructor Cecile Crommy and telling her about his past and meet his counterpart of himself. Three days later when the invasion is over, he saw a girl who been surrounded by the bullies and start to attacking her, but he helped and saved her from beating up by bullies and they run away. He was introduced by a girl who is military officer named Ayano Kosaka. Later, they are in relationship and working together as partners. Two months later, the invasion start happens again, Jin and his allies were under attack by the villain who is a counterpart of Jason named Venom. One month ago he destroyed the entire cities and millions of people died except Jin and his friends. And now it is up to Jin and the other, they will find their way to stop Venom and protect their home world.
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Jin Hasashi and his partner Ayano Kosaka
1&3: Normal
2&4: Damaged
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Anyone obsessed with Julius as much as I do?

the images here explain my love

[images not mine]
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