If anyone has downloaded Final Fantasy VII onto your PlayStation 4's storage device, I strongly recommend it. Here's three awesome tips, however, please be aware at the Speed area of the Gold Saucer, unless you attempt to remove any of the three effects, by the end of the ride, the game will freeze on you.

First, if you hold down the right Directional Stick, while pressing the R2 button at the same time, an icon will appear showing a rised fist. Basically, your Limit Breaks can now ALWAYS fill up, even after you first use one, it'll INSTANTLY refill itself. Plus, any HP loss, as long as it doesn't go beyond the limit of your current HP, you'll be fully healed and spells, summoning, require ABSOLUTELY no MP drainage.

Second, holding down the left, right Directional Stick while pressing both the R2 and L2 buttons at the same time will eliminate random enemy encounters. Of course, it might not make you entirely prepared for a boss fight, or even taking on Emerald or Ruby Weapon, which is considered optional.

Third, this really isn't necessary to input, but it can be difficult to do. Hold down the left Directional Stick while pressing the L2 button to speed up everything by 3X the normal speed.

That's pretty much all I know. If anything else occurs, or should someone discover something entirely new, point it out in the next discussion.
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