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Running into issues getting gulp.series() to wait for file writing tasks to complete. Full details up on stackoverflow if anyone thinks they can help.

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Gulp 4 isn't officially released at time of publishing, but don't let that stop you from being prepared with this handy guide.

Those of you who use git with gulp, what's your practice when a new version of git is released? Immediately update or wait for a couple of minor versions?

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Hey folks, here is my personal project helping gulp task reuse via configuration:


Cascading configurable recipes for Gulp 4.0. An elegant, and intuitive way to reuse gulp tasks.

DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) your code, why WET (write everything twice) your gulpfile.js?


* Gulp 4.0 support,
* Automatic local recipe lookup,
* Plugin support using npm,
* Nesting tasks with configuration inheritance,
* Forward and backward task reference,
* Process streams via configuration: merge, queue, or concat streams, etc,
* Control tasks execution via configuration: run tasks in parallel or series,
* Conditional configuration support,
* CLI commands for recipes listing and usage, and
* CLI commands for displaying task description and configuration.


Q: Does gulp-chef violate the "preferring code over configuration" philosophy of gulp?

A: No, you write codes as usual and abstract changes in configurations.

Gulp-chef adds flexibility by helping:

* Split tasks across multiple files
* Make recipes shareable and usable instantly

#frontend #gulp #recipe

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Gulp never returns to shell?

I got this gulp.task that runs an unit test and an integration test:

gulp.task('test', function(){
env({vars: {ENV: 'Test'}});

gulp.src('tests/*.js', {read: false})
.pipe(gulpMocha({ reporter: 'spec' }));

When I run it, the console output is:

gulp test master ✱ ◼
[14:28:23] Using gulpfile ~/source/javascript/api/POCs/psapi/Gulpfile.js
[14:28:23] Starting 'test'...
[14:28:24] Finished 'test' after 6.46 ms

We are ready on http://localhost:3000
Book Controller Tests
✓ should not allow an empty title on post

Book Crud Test
✓ Should allow a book to be posted and return a read and _id (45ms)

2 passing (67ms)


The problem is that it never returns med to the zsh prompt, I have to press CTRL+c to exit.

Any ideas?

I first thought it could be the db(mongoose) connection lingering in the background, but I dont know?! As I understand, the 'test' task has finished, what is left to hang on?

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In this post I will explain you how to use Gulp to interact with the files on your server through FTP. You will learn how to watch the files you are editing on your local machine and automatically synchronize them with your server as they change and how to setup a task to launch an FTP deploy on demand.

This solution must not be considered a best practice for development and deploy, but only a useful trick in case you have to deal with a very basic setup, especially if you are not in control of the development and deployment environments.

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