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Name: Scarlett
Title: (One of) The Magicians of Time
Age: 15
Race: unknown
Bio: As she was young Scarlett (and Buffy) were always mischievous little girls. They manipulated random things with dark magic, tricked humans into buying what (illusion helped) looked like valuables. But from the murder of their own parents caused by their fusion, they couldn't live with the tragedy. Yet they managed to forget while Buffy was sent to an asylum and drugged constantly and Scarlett was taken apart and put back together (phantom formation) they managed to escape their prisons and live a life of evil. Of course, sometimes they would want to be the hero, or the Anti-Hero. Since then, one trickster managed to fuse them both again and keep them in a septic tank since 2880 AD.
Loves Misfortune: The ability to mislead almost anyone with love attraction of any kind.
Regeneration(forever in use): The ability to auto-regenerate any cut or scar on the body.
Love's Terror: The ability to squeeze or rip out the heart.
Phantom Force: the ability to either levitate, or completely alter logic (ex; I can pick you up, throw you down with out touching you)
Time Magicians UNITE!: Ultimate fusion between Scarlett and Buffy, creating Shi-Torikki.
Time to go pro magician!: (only accessible for Shi-Torikki) takes it to full power. Turns into Jikān Akuma.
Time to stop, break it down (only accessible by Shi-Torikki or Jikān Akuma) stops time. If used by Jikān Akuma, can turn into Time to stop, corrupt it now. which corrupts certain timelines to the point of bootleg or destruction.
Weaknesses: silver.
Siblings: Buffy
(First image is Jikān Akuma, Second is Shi-Torikki, and the last is Scarlett.)
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Silence is a beautiful killer, don't you think? You can never sense it coming.

Name: Kumo Sakura

Alias: Spider

Alignment: Whichever benefits

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Occupation: Tattoo artist, though she does assassinations on occasion. Family occupation...

Common Weaponry: Butterfly knives and poison needles

Pet Peeves: Perverted individuals with sexual intentions, killing spiders, leaving the toilet seat up, having the little details be ruined.

Bio: Born and raised the Sakura Family's Assassination Branch, Kumo or Spider was the go to if you wanted the job done. Subtlety and silence was and still is her weapons of choice though she rarely does assassinations anymore. Now owning and working at the tattoo parlor "_Mama's Drawing Needle_" she lives as quiet as a life she can, working and living in a Red Light District.
Kumo still takes jobs though they come from two opposite sides of the playing field. Though they always work out in her favor in one way or another.

Miscellaneous: Much like others in the Sakura Family, she has supernatural abilities such as control of the element fire. Though this is the only ability that she is able to use in her more mundane form. Though she is not all powerful, most of abilities in her other form coming from her anatomy such as having talons instead of fingers. Though she is indeed a "Spider". Take of that as you will.

Extra: Also known as Kasai or Fire by those who know her personally.
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Is there a profile template, or is it free range?

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Name: beastman firefox

Species: firefox

Descriptions: red spikes hair. Black clothing. Yellow arm bracelets on both arms. blue cat like eyes.

Gender: male

Personality: crazy

Likes: chilli fries, friends, magic, saying dead jokes

Dislikes: Pyros, bad pun, friendly fire

Skills: fire magic, speed, sword handling.

Transformations: hyper form and demon fox form

Weapons: 3 swords (2 katanas and a two handed fire blade), lansher (gear of war), launcher.

Bio: last name named after his own kind beastman Firefox was known to be the best war hero ever. But when his Planet crash into others he's been known to be the only Firefox. Beastman's hyper form grants him ultimate light powers, and his demon Fox form grants him ultimate dark Power. He's always looking for trouble.


Fox vs eagle

A letter was sent to beastman about a person named spark eagle. is a hit contract. Beastman searched out the find this spark eagle near the forest. Unfortunately he ran into a antihero named Derek. Worst case scenario spark eagle showed up.

Open with +Derek Marshall​​ and +Tao​​

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This is an uncertain world. A world of endless possibilities and infinite outcomes. Countless choices define our fate: each choice, each moment, a moment in the ripple of time. Enough ripple, and you change the tide...for the future is never truly set.         

Name: Ardan
Given by parents; meaning unknown
Destiny: Unknown
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Alignment: Good
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Land: The mortal world
Position: Mercenary
Occupation: Research analyst
Fandom World: Many
Current Wealth: Over $800,000, but currently not in the millions.
Weapons: Including but not limited to M4A1 carbine with suppressor, Colt 1911s, with suppressors, Benelli M4, H&K MP5, shotgun
Transportation: Dirtbike, Grand Cherokee 
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 150 lb 
Build: Tall and lean
Eye Color: brown
Hair: Blond
Skin: Slightly tanned
Blood type: A
Power: Eagle Sense
Upper clothing: Dark shirt and jacket
Lower clothing: Dark pants and hiking boots
Scar on left wrist.
Date of birth: 11/18/1994
Sign: Scorpio
Birthplace: New York
Nationality: Irish-Italian-American
Family: 1 brother, 5 sisters, parents
Hobbies: Freerunning, stealth, marksmanship, armed and unarmed combat
Persona: Cautious, reserved, externally tough but internally sensitive. Doesn't trust easily.
Likes: Freerunning, traveling, spending time with friends
Dislikes: Disease, injury, emotional abuse
Fear: Alienating or otherwise losing people he cares about
Fault: Can be reclusive at times. And is mortal. 
Good Points: Is flexible; can work alone or in a team
Allies: Many
Enemies: Many
Theme Song: 

Bio:1994: Born. 
2009: Moved out earlier than planned and headed to Vermont, where he lived for a while with a friend, Devin Kenway, before settling in Silent Hill, ME. Became acquainted with Charles Xavier. Discovered a device called the Animus and began using it on a regular basis. 
2011: Journeyed to New Mexico and witnessed the coming of Thor. Began living near Storybrooke, ME. 
2012: Abducted by Abstergo Industries. Befriends Desmond Miles and Lucy Stillman before escaping. Later meets William Miles, Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane. Was in Gotham at the time Bane imposed martial law on that city. Witnessed the Chitauri Invasion which led to the Battle of New York. Tested positive for PTSD several months later.
2013: Met a girl named Lily Richards, to whom he grew close. Met Thor again in London, and witnessed his battle with Malekith the Accursed. Saw Superman battle Zod in Metropolis. 
2014: Was staying in San Francisco when Godzilla arrived and battled the MUTOs. Journeyed to Washington DC and had a close encounter with the Winter Soldier. Later visited the planet Xandar. Returned to Earth and spent more time with Lily, who later died not long after marking the one-year anniversary of their meeting for the first time. Lived quietly in Silent Hill, coping with PTSD and grief from Lily's death, and the death of another friend, Sierra, while trying to put his past behind him.
2015: Assisted Tony Stark with the Ultron Program. Fought in the Battle of Sokovia. Infiltrated the company CrossTech so he could learn more about the Yellowjacket suit. Later discovered Lily was still alive, only to be rejected by her when he tried to reconnect with her. 
2016: Surreptitiously assisted Captain America in the Civil War over the Superhuman Registration Act. Crossed paths with Doctor Strange, then later Wade Wilson. Later met Amander Waller about a squad for a kamikaze mission.
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Name: Spark Eagle
Title: The Ultimate Maverick
Age: 55
Race: Reploid
Bio: After Megaman X defeated Storm Eagle and Spark Mandrill, they were revived by Dr. Doppler and merged into one, in an attempt to create a reploid like X. Dr. Doppler's operation was a huge success, more so that he had hoped for. Spark Eagle had the ability to take other's abilities that he defeats, as well as the ability to generate and control wind and lightning. However, Spark Eagle destroyed Dr. Doppler, for the virus from Spark Mandrill was still present in his buster. Dr. Doppler had created the ultimate Maverick!
Personality: Manipulative and very evil. willing to destroy everything if he needs to, even himself.
Banzai Beetle: A set of wings allows this missile to glide, contacting many enemies.
Longshot Gizmo: This cannon fires 5 shots at once, but leaves you open to attack.
Straight Nightmare: Though slow, this laser can burn through multiple enemies in a row.
Bang Away Bomb: This napalm travels along the ground, laying a path of fire.
Dragon's Wrath: A long-range arcing flamethrower useful against far away enemies.
Speed Devil: A layer of atmospheric pressure adds speed by reducing resistance.
Go-Getter Right: A rocket punch sends your fist flying to teach enemies a lesson.
Nervous Ghost: This laser can be controlled while being fired.
Quick Homesick: This cutter travels in an arc like a boomerang.
Rumbling Bang: This napalm sports a wide horizontal range but cannot attack upward.
Peace Out Roller: This ball of energy splits into two upon contact with the ground.
Chargeable abilities
Electric Spark: fires a small electrical burst in the direction he is facing. It can be used as a semi-rapid-fire weapon, as three sparks can be in existance at once. If the spark hits a wall or an enemy, it splits in half and travels up and down the surface it contacted. When charged, a pair of spark columns fire horizontally in front of and behind Spark Eagle.
Storm Tornado: fires a long, horizontal tornado that remains on the screen for several moments before heading in the direction X is facing. The tornado is very effective against larger enemies, as it can hit multiple times with one shot. When fully charged, X is surrounded by a huge vertical whirlwind that can hit enemies from above and below before leaving the area.
Mega Buster: Can acquire abilities from his defeated foes, re-purposed for use with his buster.
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