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A little about the hangout.  We started during a game jam and we just talked, worked on our games, and had fun.  That is what I am aiming to do with with this.  Talk, work on our games, and have some fun. 

Now since theory vs practice shows that we tend to talk a lot and not work on the games and we are recording to YouTube I have started thinking about slight bits of organization.  Nothing to extreme and the hangout will be open for people to join as they wish.  Part of the fun, it's like a talk show but we don't know who the guests are going to be or when they are going to leave.

What I am trying to implement is some topics for us to discuss during an episode.  There might only be a couple of us and we all have varying experience levels with the topics but that is what makes it fun.  We might also implement some other things like Games of the Week or Games we are playing where we choose a game and then have a few minutes dedicated to discussing it.

I want to keep it pretty freeform.  If we have a topic to discuss we can bring it up and talk about it.  It might push one of the topics we had listed off.  Doesn't matter it is material for another time.

The one last thing I might implement is Game Developers Hangout and Game Developers Hangout - Late.  Which really means at about the hours mark I "close" topics.  We then are silent for a few seconds and then jump into continuing the discussions.  Might be more hassle/work than I want to commit so this may or may not come to fruition or even need to be done.

So a bunch of things what would you folks like to see?

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SNEAK PREVIEW: Don't miss the #fsharpX  2016 action during Ross McKinlay & Andrea Magnorsky's session on 15 April "DRAGON TREATS: ~ THE BLENDING OF THE PARADIGMS"

You can expect to see some interesting game programming techniques, including spatial indexing algorithms for collision detection, A* pathfinding, and other dragon-based treats, using both mutable and immutable state.
Find out about all the latest F# technologies and applications and discover the latest best practices and ideas?
Come and join us at the F# eXchange in London on April 15 2016!

The F# eXchange returns to London on 15 April 2016. Hosted in the heart of London at CodeNode, we look forward to another intensive day of unadulterated fsharpery.

Join leading experts in the F# world, who will share the latest technologies, tools, ideas and practices developing and evolving within the F# community with the growing community of F# engineers, using F# on a range of projects in various industries.

We have awesome leading experts making up the #fsharpX  2016 line-up:
45 min Talks

Don Symes - keynote
Mark Seemann - Functional Architecture: the Pit of Success
Felienne Hermans - Using F# and genetic programming to play computer bridge
Andrew Cherry - Discovering Abstractions Through Building
Tomas Petricek - Celebrating New Year's Eve with F# and Suave 
Scott Wlaschin - Designing with Capabilities
Evelina Gabasova - The F#orce Awakens
Steffen Forkmann - Paket 3 – Embracing git for dependency management 
Colin Bull - Enterprise F# 
Anton Tcholakov - Building scientific experiments with F#
Andrea Magnorsky & Ross McKinlay - DRAGON TREATS: ~ THE BLENDING OF THE PARADIGMS ~ 

Lightning Talks
Krzysztof Cieślak - Forge- F# CLI tooling
Vicenç Garcia-Altes - Extracting useful information from your code repository
Michael Newton - Fixing Real Life Problems From the Ivory Tower

Like to join us? Keep an eye out for more updates and grab your ticket here - 

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Here is a topic to think about for tonight's Attempt:
Advertising your game(s) - Where and how much is too much?
- IndieDB
- TigSource
- Reddit
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Kickstarter
Where else do you advertise you game?

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This is one of the first videos we have.  Skip the first hour or nearly as that was getting setup and is crap lol.  Others won't be so bad :-D

So between here and twitter we will be posting different bits of information.  I am even still toying with the idea of putting up a website for the hangout but I might need to come up with something better for a name before that happens.

A request for you fine folks is I need screen shots, cover art, and anything else you have for your games even concept art / WIP.  I want to make something of a collage of the images for the logo off to the left here.  Might make a couple of them that we cycle through.

So I am supposed to post something awesome.  HI EVERYONE!
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