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I thought about something. Why not have a certain gemstone be on a Zodiac Crest? (It's like a shield to represent something, if you didn't know already.) I found a few families and their types.
Diamond (cannot be chosen because it can be any color)
-Ruby: Many shades of red, star effect
-Sapphire: blue, pale blue, star effect
-Aquamarine (Oriental): pale blue
-Amethyst (Oriental): shades of violet, often tending to red
-Topaz (Oriental): yellow, clear lemon

-Chrysoberyl: pale yellow, pale green, transparent to opaque
-Golden Chrysoberyl (Or Chrysolite): old gold, pale green, transparent to opaque
-Cat's eye (oriental): green or yellow mixed, streaks of reddish, bluish, or violet light
-Alexandrite: Emerald, dark, and olive green

-Spinel Ruby: Blood red, transparent to opaque
-Balas Ruby: Red to reddish violet

Topaz: Translucent, yellow gold, honey yellow rarely, bluish green, pink, red

-Emerald: Light green to deep green
-Morganite: Pink, pink lilac
-Aquamarine: pale blue, transparent

-Precious Zircon: transparent to translucent; shades of green, yellow, grey, violet
-Jacinth: orange red, red, dark red, light red, violet red
-Starlite: blue, bluish green, electric blue

-Indicolite: greenish blue, light blue
-Rubellite or siberite: pink, ruby red
-Green tourmaline: shades of green
-Yellow tourmaline: shades of yellow

Andalusite: Whitish, grey, green, olive, red, reddish brown, violet, slightly transparent

-Pyrope or Bohemian ruby, Cape ruby: fiery red
-Almandine (precious garnet): Violet red
-Hessonite: reddish orange, cinnamon yellow

Quartz: (And here comes a lot of it. BTW I'm typing this with my phone)
-Rock Crystal: Very transparent, colorless
-Amethyst: transparent, all shades of violet
-Rose Quartz: Milky rose pink, semi transparent
-Sunflower Quartz: semiopaque, bluish white, opalescent
-Falcon's eye: Opaque, greyish blue with shimmering streaks of greenish blue light
-Aventurine: opaque, red brown, and green
-Jasper: White, red, green, blue, yellow, brown, black, opaque, variegated
-Chalcedony: milky, whitish, bluish grey, greenish, yellowish
-Blue Chalcedony: light blue, blue, Opaque
-Carnelian: blood red, various shades to yellowish brown
-Sard: Brown, black brown, orange brown, semi transparent
-Chrysoprase: apple green with white and grey streaks
-Plasma: dark green, olive, opaque
-Agate: stratified, green, light blue, white, red, brown, black, semi transparent
-Onyx (variety of agate): striated, white, black or black and red lines or curves

Olivine (Chrysolite or Peridot): Greenish gold, olive green, transparent or translucent

Marcasite: Opaque, gold yellow, metallic

-Orthoclase: Gold yellow, lemon yellow
-Adularia/Moonstone: transparent, colorless, green, pearly, Milky bluish white
-Oligocase/Sunstone: greyish white background, gold particles
-Labradorite: Opaque, grey background, particles of every color

And if you pick a gem, please tell me why you think it would be good to represent you on the crest.
Yes, you will be on your Zodiac sign crest.
Please share this community! Thank you!

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WOO HOO I am Annabeth
"Like your zodiac sign?" Percy asked. "I'm a Leo."
"No, stupid," Leo said. "I'm a Leo. You're a Percy.”
So I guess I'm a Percy.

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The Signs when in a Horror movie:

Aries: AAAH!!! Points at Gemini HE/SHE IS THE KILLER!!!

Taurus: Grabs a stick for protection O-O

Gemini: Is sitting down next to a tree What are you talking about Aries?

Cancer: Starts to go insane after a few hours N-no! Your all MONSTERS!!! Runs away and ends up getting eaten by a bear

Leo: I wonder if Cancer is ok... Hiding behind a tree holding a pocket knife

Virgo: Grabs Leo's knife and attacks Sagittarius YOU WILL DIE!

Libra: VIRGO!!!! Takes out a knife and stabs Virgo in the back of the head

Scorpio: Starts a fight with Capricorn

Sagittarius: YAH!! VIRGO WHAT THE HELL?! Was stabbed in the arm by Virgo

Capricorn: Knocks Scorpio out with a tree branch

Aquarius: Pulls out a gun and shoots Pisces in the stomach Hehehe Smirks

Pisces: AAAAAGH!!! Bleeds out

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(Picture for profile, thank you +Toy Wolfy™​)
Walking around on the Zodiac training field

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I guess I'm just that little black rain cloud then

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Dallas :p

Gemini leader

Ok so me and +Emerald Leaf the Security Guard​ are doing the wisper challange tommorow and we need some random stuff to say
So can u guys comment some random phrases

And we r uploading it on YouTube

(Yay I'm finally putting up my profile)
Name: Madison
Age: 12
Gender: female
Sign: Gemini
Rising sign: I haven't found out yet...
Likes: Writing books, talking to friends, nature.
Dislikes: Being called small.
Height: 4'9"
Description: Reddish-brown wavy hair, pale skin and freckles, has a scar in between left eye and nose (it's hard to see, the reason I'm pale is because I'm a little Irish)

I approve myself
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