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hey gentlemen/ladies please don't report posts as spam unless they actually are spam thank you and good night all

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Catalina Melo.
The left one orange and the right one brown.
Really dark blue with some orange locks.
Shy,helpful,stubborn,loyal,caring,sweet,kind,smart,has maid and/or ghost complex,lonely,quiet,calm,rarely agressive,an outcast and sometimes a kuudere/tsundere.
She is autist so she is really bad at making friends so she doesn't have any friends.
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~Basic Information~

Preferred Name: Veronica Amako

Age: Unknown

Date of Birth: March 13

Race: Vampire

Gender: Biologically Female, but I'm Agender, which means I have no gender

Sexuality: Pan-Sexual

Titles: Moon Princess, Amako Warrior

Occupation(s): Artist, singer, and model


Appeared Age: 19

Height: (Regular Height) 5'11" (In heels) 6' 0" to 6' 3"

Weight: 119 pounds

Build: Tall, a bit curvy, and a slightly large bust

Skin Color: A pale, milky skin tone

Eye Color: (Normal) Milk chocolate brown (When angry) Red

Hair Style: Normally down to my waist and slightly wavy, but I wear it up in a pony tail or in twin tails sometimes

Hair Color: Dark brown to black. But, I dye it sometimes so it can be any colour really!

Fashion: A slightly hipster or grunge like style, but mainly comfortable and casual!

Tattoos: One on my arm, but that's what controls my magic (I will talk about it a bit later in the profile)

Personality: Happy go lucky, smart, a bit hot headed, and adventitious! I'm also always willing to try new things!

Personality description: I'm just your average, fun, loving, and "punny" teen!

~Other Information~

Abilities and Powers~ I have something called midnight magic. It allows me to make objects, and weapons to use in battle. I can use my magic to create moon light wings so I can fly out of danger, or to get a clear shot for a cool photo I wanna take! I'm also very fast, and I'm also pretty strong.

Equipment~ A Polaroid Camera, and moon dust!

Miscellaneous~ I'm a huge chocolate lover, and be warned, if I'm mad at you and you wanna make it you to me, get me chocolate. If you don't you're screwed.

Brief Biography:
Well, I'm just your average teen vampire who is kinda anti social most of the time, but that's only when I'm working. I normally keep my emotions bottled up inside me, so I have a hard time opening up to people, and when I do I normally start crying. But either-wise, I'm a fun, loving person who loves eating. I kinda think with my stomach a bit too much, but who cares! Food is AWESOME! I also like to go out at night and play guitar for passing walkers to entertain them. It's a hobby of mine. And sometimes, I'll go out on a full moon and take people to drink their blood! It may seem insane and crazy, but it's kinda what I do!

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Hello I'm new here and I don't really understand what it is I'm suppose to do so can someone enlighten me please 

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Name Andrea
Age 17
Gender female
Race human
Eyes dark brown
Likes reading manga and watching anime , sweets

Dislikes bullies and spicy foods
Bio hi I'm Andrea and I love going on adventures . 

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Name: Yukino Hiroshima
Age: 17
Eyes: Scarlet
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Likes: Sweets, flowers, pretty things, scary things
Dislikes: Pain and bitter stuff
Bio: One stormy night Yukino was on here to a far town. On her way there her car broke down infront of a huge mansion, with no where to go Yukino ran inside the mansion for shelter. She began to look around for anyone who lives there. Soon she grew tired and cold and began to sleep on the couch. Later she woke up and surrounding her was six males and then her life was like hell.

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Name : Yui Komori
Eyes : Sherbet Pink
Hair : Premium Blonde
Gender : Female
Species : Humman
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any one up for a vamp romance rp

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Name: Lena Rivers
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair - Blonde
Eyes - Blue
Height - 5"4

Name: shadow
Eyes: blood red
Hair:black with red tips
Gender: male
type: winged vampire
Wing color: black with blood red tips
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