(Green savers)
Being human does not make sense in what kind of way we are living through now. We even through have responsibilities for own life, we have forgotten the creator, why he meant us to survive in earth as a part of its nature. Humans have six senses to justify his own knowledge and let through the action. “But what kind of action did he meant to nature?” In nature every creature has reason to bond with our mother nature, we too have a reason for that other than our life to live. Our goal is to be a part of nature. Even though we destructed our earth in many ways, we have to turn it back to green again. So we should save nature as a “JUVENILE SQUIRREL” and should turn back green and achieve our responsibilities what our mother has given and made us for. This is what we do as our motto “PLEDGE FOR GREEN”.
Juvenile squirrels is a green saver community. Here we have a theme of saving our nature by imputing ourselves to achieve our objectives like all kind of activities related to green message and thereby spreading our reason to be a part of our nature and living by nature and also respecting it, to have a life with it. Our aim is that we spread the importance of our nature to our future generations and making them to involve in green socio activities and spreading awareness about biological system in order to make our earth balanced and green ever after. This is our pledge to our world.
Planning smart is usual way but our action gives us an identity. Our actions are spreading awareness about our part in nature and saving green world, doing activities like using creativity of acts to trigger the importance of nature, real life acts about the reason of us during gatherings of our club and special occasional meeting other than pamphlets, tips and memos. We do enhance ourselves to be on a mission to change to green and real time protection of ever after and after for our future generation who behold this world next after us.
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